Boîte Novel Editions − © Kim Cayer-Roy

A monthly book box that comforts our hearts!

A box that contains everything you need to warm your little heart!

Being a big reader, I was looking for a monthly book box that comforts our hearts! that could provide me with a monthly book and some related items. I had the chance to discover two different companies offering this service. A company offering an English book and a second company offering a French book. You   will learn about the other company in a future article.

Boîte Novel Editions − © Kim Cayer-Roy

The first box that I present to you today is from Novel Editions. Located in Toronto, Novel Editions is a company working to expand the reader community and make reading accessible to all. This is why Alex, the founder, designed a monthly subscription and a reading group to discuss the book contained in each box.

Boîte(box) Novel Editions − © Kim Cayer-Roy

Because I am so passionate about reading, I had a lot of expectations about this concept. I was really curious to know how a company could combine a book and also create a cozy atmosphere and reading experience within a monthly book box. This subscription is $44.99 per month. Each month has an original theme, contains a book published in the last six months, and includes three items related to the theme.

To see in detail the contents of the box that I received, I invite you to see the following link!


My final verdict is that I looooooved this super concept! As soon as I opened the monthly book box, I immediately felt the mood and theme of the month. In addition, the packaging and accessories are diverse and are very high quality. I would recommend this box to all lovers of reading. It contains everything to create a complete immersion in a reading atmosphere! It’s officially a concept to discover!

You can find this company on their Facebook page and on their website!

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