I FINALLY tested microblading

Microblading, perfect eyebrows at all times!

I finally decided to test out microblading. I already talked to you about how eyebrows are so important because they help define the face and showcase the eyes. I tried pretty much everything out there : eyebrow pencil, powders, hair dye, etc… I wasn’t so sure about a permanent solution, but after looking at Laurence’s portfolio(beautician for 8 years now), I quickly got convinced I was going to be in good hands.

What is exactly microblading?

It is actually semi-permanent makeup (lasts about a year or more, depending on your skin type). The hairs are traced by many tiny needles that are reunited in one single line forming a blade. The result is very natural since it perfectly imitates hair.

Microblading, how to get through?

The first step is to talk with the person who will perform microblading : what you expect as a result, the shape, the color.

Next, the longest step in the procedure is to take measure and to draw the shape of the eyebrows.

Then, the beautician applies a numbing cream on the region. Honestly, I didn’t feel anything at all!

After a few hours, the extra vaseline is removed and you let the eyebrows dry for 48 hours. After that, you have to put non-scented cream around 2 or 3 times a day to keep them hydrated. The most important part is to not removed the scabs, even if it’s really scratchy. Otherwise, the pigment could come off!

After 6 weeks, you get the touch-up and you can even out the eyebrows if there is some spots missing pigments!

Here are the results on my eyebrows and on many other models so you can see results on different shapes and color of eyebrows!


In short, you shouldn’t be worried if you have scabs after few days! You’ll see, they will be gone pretty quickly. Also, the pigment can look a bit pale at first but it will get darker after a while.






Sincerely, I think I was more scared than anything else because, obviously, it is very important to choose a good beautician and to look at his/her work beforehand (I mean, it’s your face, right?). I am personally really glad I worked with Laurence who was able to answer all my questions and worries. I highly suggest you to go see her  instagram account where you can directly contact her!



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