Blog and the City is an urban blog which covers various topics. Life is so interesting, why focus on a single thing?!

Blog and the city is divided into the 8 following sections:


Restaurants, bars, recipes, beer and wine, culinary discoveries, and more


Fashion, style, trends, fashion shows, designers, shopping and more


Cosmetics, makeup, beauty products, hair, and more


Travel, destinations, getaways, world cultures, and more


Art, museums, music, design, theater, film, and more


Sports, fitness, training, running, health and more


Motivation, psychology, career, family, relationships, spirituality, and more


News, politics, WebBuzz, opinions, and more

Team and Vision

At Blog and the City we believe in a united community of bloggers. Unhealthy competition, it’s not our thing! The blog brought together several passionate and curious bloggers to offer a wide variety of topics and opinions. The blog also gathered friends met during events, often bloggers already established in their own field, which collaborate occasionally and take part in various events. Because it’s always more fun with friends, right? Also, we believe it is important to have professionals that are not only bloggers, but who work in one of the field we cover into our Blog (world of fashion, beauty, travel, etc.). There is nothing better than having the opinion of experts!


Blog and the City were founded by Marie-Janelle Larivée in October 2013, after winning the contest “Become blogger Wink”. It was during a trip with friends in Toronto that the idea germinated in her head. During this trip, the 4 girls roamed the city looking for the best restaurants, places to hang out, shop and have fun, which was reminiscent of the famous foursome of Sex and the City. Marie-Janelle thus develops the blog around this idea. She then decided to talk with a few people in order to build a team and recruit the best bloggers and collaborators. Blog and the City had just emerged.

Editorial policy

At Blog and The City, we are curious and we LOVE discovering new things, whether new places, new products, new trends… We will be glad to answer therefore invitations for events or to test products received by assigning a blogger according to its interests and availability. However, an invitation or product received does not commit us to write an article. The value of authenticity is important to us, what we like most of all is to share our favorites!

Collaborations and visibility plans

We are open to partnerships on our site as long as the proposal corresponds to the image and values
conveyed on the blog.
Here is an overview of what we offer :

– Sponsored and targeted publication on social medias

- Blog post about your brand or products (with possibility of professional editorial shoot)

– Online advertisement (big box and double big box format)

– Hope page visibility (your brand featured in the home page slide and blog post put forward on the home page)
– Contest that allows you to get a database of potential customers in addition to increase followers on social medias

If this is something that might be of interest to you, contact us for more details.