New York en hiver

What to do in New York during winter

Discover the different activities to do in New York during winter. Either you like culture or sports, you will find something to do!

On the first of December, my mom convinced me to leave behind my finals and escape to New York for the week-end so we could see the Christmas decorations and lights. I’ve been to my favourite city a few times before, although this would be the first time I’d go to New York during winter so I made a small list of things to do.

Here are 5 activities to do in New York this winter:

1. New York during winter: Look at the decorations

The one thing I loved the most out of my week-end in the city was to simply walk around downtown New York and look at the many Christmas decorations and lights. This free activity alone makes the whole trip worth it.

2. New York during winter: Ice skating

Also, New York city is full of ice rink that are so worth the detour. The most popular one is, of course, the one we see in every film at the Rockefeller Center. Although, the waiting time can be insane so there is some other ice rink that are as beautiful like the one in Bryant Park.

3. New York during winter: Shopping

One of my favourite activities to do in New York is to go shopping. One good thing is that after Christmas, there is a lot of sales that are worth looking at. Furthermore, Time Square is full of shops that are often open until 2 in the morning.

4. New York during winter: Coney Island

Even if it’s cold outside, I believe that taking a walk on the seaside is always a good idea! The 50 minutes drive from New York to Coney Island is an excellent opportunity to fill up your battery after a week-end in the city that never sleeps. Last
December, during our week-end trip to New York, my mom and I decided on Sunday on our way back to Montreal that we would extend the ride home to go see Coney Island. It ended our trip really nicely!

5. New York during winter: Go to museums

If the temperature is way too low to fully appreciate outside activities, it is always a good option to do a tour of the many New York museums. For exemple, there is the Metropolitan Museum of Art of the American Museum of Natural History!

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