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10 things to do in Corsica

Corsica is more commonly known as the Island of Beauty. It is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. I can confirm that we do not call it the Island of beauty for nothing. What is magical with this Island is that it is diverse in terms of available activities. It includes a lot of palm trees and beaches, as well as mountains where several exciting excursions are offered.

In the past few months, I had the chance to go and visit Corsia. That island is full of activities, what can you do there?

10 things to do in Corsica

1— Spend the afternoon in the beautiful landscapes of Girolata

10 choses à faire en corse - Girolata
©Kim Cayer-Roy

Girolata is a wonderful village. With only 15 people and accessible only by boat or on foot, you will be amazed by its beautiful setting and amazing turquoise water. You can find restaurants and some great places in mountains to go hiking. There’s something for everyone ..




2— Go see the sunset in the Bloody Islands

10 choses à faire en corse - îles sanguinaires
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The Bloody Islands are four islands in the middle of Ajaccio’s Gulf. We call them bloody because of their dark-red colour. This place is a must see. Otherwise, you need you to go to see the sunset , because the islands become a very impressive purple.




3— Spend the day in a boat and travelling around the Scandola Nature Reserve

10 choses à faire en Corse - Réserve naturelle de Scandola et la Calanque de Piana
©Kim Cayer-Roy

Several boat companies offer the possibility to visit the Scandola Nature Reserve and the Calanque de Piana. You will be impressed! It is an impressive reserves because of its fauna, flora and biodiversity! You will find cliffs, rocks with particular shapes, hidden beaches , hawks and maybe even dolphins if you are as lucky as I was !



4— Go visit the historical city of Ajaccio

10 choses à faire en Corse - Ajaccio
©Kim Cayer-Roy

Do you know Napoléon Bonaparte? Well imagine that he is born inAjaccio in Corsica and that you can visit his birth house! Great no? Overflowing with history, Ajaccio is a city rich in beaches and hiking. Lively , you will taste its beautiful setting with palm trees and the Gulf that will charm you.

5— Enjoy Pietra on a terrace at the port of Bastia

10 choses à faire en Corse - port de Bastia
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Pietra is a Corsica brown beer very well established on the island. Beer lover, you will love it for sure! Et pourquoi ne pas la déguster au port de Bastia And why not enjoy the beer at the port of Bastia with stunning views of the Ferries leaving for France or Italy?





6— Do hiking at the Trail Ridge

10 choses à faire en Corse - chantier des crêtes
©Kim Cayer-Roy

This hike will offer a panoramic view of Ajaccio and his Gulf. In addition, this hike can be adapted for beginners and for more experienced. Allant de 1 h 30 à 6 h, You will find well-defined mountains, with some particular rocks. I’m sure you that you will often stop to take photos of the masterpiece that will be in front your eyes.



7— Spend the day in the sea of ​​one of the 3 most beautiful beaches of Corsica

10 choses à faire en Corse - plages de Corse
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Rondinara beach,located between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, is a very famous bay on the island. You will find there a turquoise-blue sea and a fine and clear sand. It is not among the three most beautiful beaches of Corsica for nothing!




8— Going on Micheline ( train ) to go to Corte the capital of Corsica

10 choses à faire en Corse - Corte
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You have to ask, what Micheline ? No this is not the name of your aunt, but the name that is given to the train in Corsica. Micheline looks like our train, but is a little smaller. The advantage is that we go directly to the mountains and we are seeing a beautiful landscape. Stop at Corte, the capital of Corsica, to discover landscapes and breathtaking to know a bit of her totally captivating story .


9— Taste the famous Brocciu and lemon Fiadone

10 choses à faire en Corse - brocciu et au citro
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Corsica is famous for many things. It is known for its charcuterie, wine and certainly for its cheese. One of the popular cheeses in Corsica is the Brocciu. They put this cheese everywhere, much like us with our cheddar and mozzarella. One of the popular desserts is a fiadone, which is the equivalent of a lemon pie and brocciu. Sometimes we can also find him soaked in alcohol. Do you dare?



10— Let go spur of the moment and enjoy the warmth of the sun

10 choses à faire en Corse - chaleur du soleil
©Kim Cayer-Roy

We can say that Corsica is a gold mine. Filled by beaches and palm trees, the great enthusiasts of the sun will be spoiled. If you like hiking, I can assure you that you are in the right place. You’ll find a variety of sites that will show you a very interesting part of Corsica. Let your intuition and go you will not be disappointed!



Enjoy, I’m sure you will not be disappointed with these 10 things to do in Corsica and you find the right things for you!