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Laurence Emma Tanguay

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Laurence is a young woman from the region of Beauce near Quebec city who happened to move to Montreal when she was 19 years-old. After a few ups and downs, she quickly adapted to her new life of poor student in communications at UQÀM. To describe her, we can say that she is a good mix between black clothing, questionable humor, tattoos and photography. Laurence is also very interested in culture and it is safe to say that she is very sensitive to the world around her. Indeed, she is very much into anything around art, philosophy and travelling.

Up from her 5 feet 9 inches, her head is always in the clouds. She is also an interesting inbetween introvert and extrovert. Sometimes, she just likes to hang around with her cat Jack and watch an independant movie until 3 in the morning (she is a night owl you see), but other times, she likes to go on adventure and travel or just go out with friends.

To end this, it is important to quote here to show how awkward she is : “I have long arms, sometimes there’s knots in them.”