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12 questions not to ask to someone with tattoos

I don't see myself as a tattoo pro, but I do have a few. Weirdly, the more I have on my body, the more the questions I get asked become dumb, weird and often uncalled-for. As time went by, I began to list them up. Here are a few questions not to ask to someone with tattoos :

1. Are you going to regret that?

No. My tattoos represent my story and I. In 25 years, they’ll remember me the person I was back then and all that I’ve been through. So no, I won’t “regret that”. Anyways, after all, it’s my body and my problem, not yours. #peaceout

no regrets

2. Isn’t it going to look bad at your wedding?

First of all, what makes you think I will get married? It might not be my goal in life, you know, and worst case scenario, I’ll just look very badass in my white dress.


3. Aren’t they going to look bad when you’re old?

When I be old, my tattoos will jiggle with my loose skin but I’ll love them anyways. They won’t represent me any less and at worst, I’ll just have more to love.


4. Won’t it be hard to find a job?

If my future job doesn’t like tattooed people, it won’t be my job. Nowadays, tattoos are a lot more accepted and we now look at them as art. Also to reasure you, I study communications at UQÀM.


5. What do they mean?

I know it’s intriguing, but most of the time, tattooed people told their stories million times and we don’t always want to tell the story behind every single tattoos we have. Plus, many times, there is no meaning at all.


6. Aren’t you scared they won’t be fashionable anymore?

Refer to question #1. Thanks.


7. Does it hurt?

Yes. Getting a tattoo is basically getting a needle to poke through your skin million times. So yes, if you can imagine, you can easily realise that you’re not getting a massage. Although, when you really want a tattoo, you can easily get through the pain for something you’ll have your entire life.


8. Can I touch?

I’m not a dog in a carnival, but if I like you, I’ll let you touch my tattoos, but don’t be disapointed since the feeling is that same as plain normal skin. Although, if the tattoo is fresh, STAY AWAY OR I’LL BITE YOU.

chien chat

9. What do your parents think?

My parents think my tattoos are very big and very visibles, but they get used to it and after all, it’s my body my choice. Next!


10. Do you have any other tattoos somewhere else? ;)

Maybe, but if you don’t see them, know that they are for myself only so you don’t have to know about them.


11. Don’t you have enough?

I’ll have enough tattoos when I choose that I have enough. If you mind, go somewhere else. My tattoos are a part of me and in my opinion, we are constantly evolving into the better version of ourselves. So I’ll probably want more ink on my skin my whole life.

zombie boy

12. Don’t you think it’s not very feminine?

Who dictates what feminine and what’s not? If there’s a law about it, I’m changing country.


So next time you meet someone with tattoos, please don’t ask a dumb question. Tattoos are very personal, so your opinion doesn’t matter to us. ;)