10 signs you are a concert addict

I don’t want to sound too cliché, but music has always been an important aspect in my life. It’s fun listening music when you’re in a bad mood, but also when you’re in a good one. It’s also very pleasing to find new music as well as hearing some live. As years gone by, I found myself getting more and more interested into concerts, which lead to an addiction.

1. You get asked this question too many times: “Where do you get all the money?”

What needs to be understand here is that, us, concert addicts, spend almost all our money into concert tickets. We save for them and most of the time we have to choose between famous artists and less famous ones.

2. You want the best seats possible

When the show is at the Bell Centre, you know that if the floor is general admission: ABORD MISSION. Red 102 and 111 are the best. Sometimes you pick the ones that have obstructed view which ended up quite surprising. When the concert is in a much smaller venue like Metropolis or Corona Theatre where the seats are usually general admission, waiting in line for hours is something you do quite often.

3. You have to deal with your parents’ comments

“Why do you spend all your money?”, “Not another concert?”, “You are already going to 10 concerts this summer”. Everything has ben said.

4. You have a collection of all your concert tickets

concert addict

Concerts rhyme with tickets to collect. Every concert addicts have this very precious box filled with concert tickets.

5. You always save for the 2 big periods of the year: the end of fall and the end of winter

Most of the concerts are announced while two specific periods during the year: near November for the winter shows and near March for the summer ones. Of course, when you’re a concert addict, you are well aware that you’ll want to go to all the concerts announced.

6. You have a heart attack when Evenko posts: “Big announcement tomorrow 10 am”

You know that a famous artist is coming in town. You know as well that you have to buy tickets.

7. You counted how much you spent in concert tickets and you asked yourself if it was really worth it

concert addict

We all made it: counting how much money we spend on concerts, then realizing how much money it actually is, and still spend your money on them.

 8. You are upset when the only canadian city on the tour is Toronto

It just happens ALL THE TIME and it’s really upsetting. The struggle of living in the province of Quebec.

9. You are happy all over again because you already know that you’ll have to do a 6 hours roadtrip

It’s impossible for you to miss your favourite band! A little roadtrip is a must.

10. You know about the “stalkers”

It’s fun to go to a concert and enjoy the music, but you want to meet the artist as well. You know all about who stalks the celebrities, where they are in town, what hotels they can possibly stay in and where to go to most likely meet them. Thanks to Twitter for that!

So, to each his own passion. Cheers to many more concerts!

As long as she can remember, Karolane has always been passionate about music. Her love for music is a mix between “no I have to start the song all over again because I missed my part” and “wow I can’t stop listening to it. I abuse”. Studying at UQÀM, she loves everything that is…

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