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On the road with Lisa LeBlanc

Tuesday night at Théâtre Corona, Lisa Leblanc officially unveiled an EP completely sung in english to the medias. An album mainly inspired by a roadtrip in the United States.

It was a matter of time before Lisa LeBlanc (Bonsound) would offer a first album in english: Highways, Heartaches and Time Well Wasted. Because she is born in New-Brunswick, yes, but mainly because she started writing songs in english rather than french. Winner of the 2010 edition of Festival international de la chanson de Granby and ADISQ 2012 for Breakthrough artist of the year, the singer gave herself a break in spring 2013 to do a roadtrip in Texas, Tennessee and New Orleans. During this trip, the idea of an album completely sung in english came up.

lisa leblanc
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The originality of the product that Lisa LeBlanc offers us and the color of her first album lyrics made a huge impression on me few years ago. Few artists use banjo as their main instrument. But after seing her on the stage for the first time, I can assure that fewer controls banjo as she does. And she spins in all directions, her hair like a brown tornado.

This second album includes five original songs and a cover of Karen Dalton’s Katie Cruel. Among the original songs, the title track is an instrumental song that brought back memories of my own roadtrip that I did in the same region last summer.



Highways, Heartaches and Time Well Wasted is so good for an appetizer that you will want more.

The album is available in streaming here.

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Highways, Heartaches and Time Well Wasted

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