My Highlights from One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale Toronto

What's more exciting than celebrating the arrival of December with many visits to Christmas shows and Art fairs? This is how I do my Christmas shopping, I love to #shoplocal!

From Nov. 27 to Dec. 7, it was the One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale at the Exhibition Place located downtown Toronto. It was my first experience at this show and I have to say that I had an awesome time! My first visit was the very first day of the show (Thursday Nov. 27) and it was dead. It was the absolute ideal time to shop: a great selection of stuff and nobody at the booths. My second visit was on Saturday, Dec. 6 and it was packed!! But I guess that this is a good thing for the exhibitors.

About the Show

Since 1975, the One of a Kind Show & Sale has been the flagship destination to shop handmade. It’s the ideal time to meet and shop from makers, artisans and designers across Canada. The show itself is big, but the space is perfect and well organized, even when it gets busy.

My Highlights

I was more than surprised by all the amazing talent at the show… and a lot of them were from Quebec! If I wasn’t on a budget, I would have bought so much stuff! Believe me! So here are my highlights from the show.

This Ilk

Credit: Steph The Rock
Credit: Steph The Rock

Founded in Montreal in late 2008 by Tamara Bavdek, This Ilk is now distributed in over 30 boutiques in Canada, the USA and around the world. Tamara was inspired by Edie Sedgwick’s, Andy Warhol’s muse, amazing style. Extra large statement jewelry and bold make-up seemed to do the trick so off she went looking for a way to mimic a pair of Edie’s earrings which although were not made of lace, reminded her of fabric. And that is how it all started… Well, I have to say that I’m SO in love with everything that Tamara is doing. I’m in love with the mix of lace and silver/gold patent. Totally my style.
Where to shop:, Etsy & several shops

Rachel F.

Credit: Rachel F.
Credit: Rachel F.

Rachel F. is a Montreal-based accessory line made from recycled fur and leather. “If we don’t impose any limitation to our imagination however, two fundamental principles have established the foundation of our creation: recycling and local art production.” This season, Rachel F. designer Rachel Fortin draws her inspiration from The Himalayas: the landscape’s natural warm and matte colours, the traditional costumes of infinite tints and textures, from the mountains to the city. At the One of a Kind Show, I completely felt in love with their neckwarmers, so comfy!
Where to shop: Shopify & several shops

Dot & Lil

Credit: Dot & Lil
Credit: Dot & Lil

Dot & Lil is owned and operated by the lovely Anne Dardick. Passionate about anything handmade, Anne is definitely obsessed with cute design, fonts, patterns and anything vintage or floral. (Everything that I love, basically!) The products are all hand-made in their studio located in Mile-End, Montreal. I’ve had the chance to visit this studio last year and I have to say that the whole team is very dedicated and passionate about what they’re doing. My favourite product from the One of a Kind Show is the limited edition sugar & spice soap, I’m obsessed with its smell! And I also really like the rice flower fragrance, I bought the candle last year and my home always smell good!
Where to shop:, Etsy and several shops
*Oh, and don’t forget to check out their new men’s line: Clark & James.

Karen Wilson Handbags

Credit: Steph The Rock
Credit: Steph The Rock

Karen Wilson‘s line of handbags is made in Canada (based in Oakville, Ontario) with a focus on detail and quality. Handbags are designed with unique textures, patterns, accents and colours. They are made in limited editions to keep them exclusive. Philosophy: A handbag collection that’s about looking marvelous and feeling good too. I really loved the variety of handbags and the textures. It’s very unique!
Where to shop: Select retailers. Click here for more info

Worn Beadies

Credit: Worn Beadies
Credit: Worn Beadies

Amber, a self-taught bead maker, created Worn Beadies and has been crafting hand made jewellery in Ontario since 1996. The glass used in her creations is imported from Italy and all jewelry is fabricated using Sterling Silver. I really like this brand because it’s colourful and I felt in love with the heart necklaces.
Where to shop: Select retailers. Click here for more info

Trois Quarts D’Once Tonic Maison

Credit: 3/4 oz.
Credit: 3/4 oz.

Hannah C. Palmer and Alexandrine Lemaire are the creative people behind 3/4 oz. Tonic Maison. The product is a high end alternative to commercial tonic waters (to make Gin and Tonics!). It is all natural, made in small batches and crafted with care, that really allows the drinker to taste the aromates of the Gin. Why 3/4 oz.? Well, 3/4oz. is the amount of syrup you’ll need to prepare what will become your best Gin and Tonic! (Trust me, it’s true!). It’s a syrup made from all natural ingredients. It differs from commercial tonic water with its distinctive taste of spices, bitterness touch and more pronounced amber color. Original and unique, this high-end product will enhance your parties and please your guests, and can also be the perfect present for your host. It offers a refined taste for quality cocktails lovers! I’m totally in love with this product and also with their newest addition to the brand, the Cola!
Where to shop: Etsy, Alambika and select retailers. Click here for more info.

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