Gourmet in Azuridge Estate

When you think of a gastronomic destination, what comes to mind ? Paris? San Francisco? Italy? And if I said Alberta? What if I told you that you could even eat a Queen meal there? ...

Yes, the Azuridge Estate in Alberta can brag about his Chef Yoshi Chubachi, one of the few chefs with the title allowing him to serve royalty. (there are only 2 chefs in Canada to have this distinction). And we, we can brag about the fact that we ate one of his 5-course dinner at a special evening here in Montreal! … And we will say it right away, it was absolutely amazing!

What we ate and drank

Here is a glimpse of our queen meal plate by plate, for the pleasure of your eyes.


Azuridge estate cocktail
We were greeted with the signature cocktail of Azuridge Estate, the ”Dangerous Diamond”. It is concocted with Prosecco, St- Germain and small pearls of Curacao. Very inspiring! … And dangerous!

Amuse Bouche

Azuridge estate entrée
Here’s what our appetizer looked like. A mini goat cheese cake made ​​in Alberta topped with fruit caviar. You will probably also notice the presentation! The turquoise is really in the spotlight at Azuridge! This entry was served with a brut champagne Bereche & Fils , ABSOLUTELY DIVINE.

First service

Azuridge seafood
The chef Yoshi was born in Japan. Therefor, seafood dishes and oriental flavors are often honored in at least one of his services! This plate had different flavors of the sea. The dish is called the Franco Japanese 3 ways. It includes a crab cake coated with a coconut tempura, sushi bluefin tuna served on a fried shisho sheet and an icy sea bass with miso and honey, all served with a white butter sauce… We fell in love with the crab cake! The coconut flavor mix with pieces of hot crab and the sauce was absolutely exquisite. Everything was served with a white pinot from Czech Republic, Pinot Bijeli 2013, a bold combination, but very successful.

Second service

Azuridge estate porc
You get into a dish more consistent: a pheasant roasted medallion stuffed with Saskatoon berries, coated with wild boar bacon, topped with foie gras… whew, that’s not all. All served with a quinoa croquettes, butternut squash and candied pheasant. Incredible but true! All this stuff was in the same plate!

Palate cleanser

Azuridge glace
Phew, we still want more, but the appetite decreases. Place the a palate cleanser to allow us a little break. It was presented in a mini ice sculpture, a reference to the hobby of chef Yoshi! Lime sorbet and tarragon was the perfect touch to refresh the palate.

Main meal

Azuridge estate main course
Come finally the main dish: meat, yes, but not just any one. We were served a Wagyu beef tenderloin from Alberta with Pecorino cheese rind so Wellington served with a lightly smoked lamb cutlet covered with a maple sauce, mint and mustard seed. The whole was accompanied by potatoes and vegetables pave. Again, we can say that there was not a single false note in this dish.


Azuridge estate dessert
Finally dessert; a cheesecake infused with lemon and dried cranberries and topped with a pumpkin custard. We tasted this with a wonderful ice wine.


Azuridge estate foodiesWe were thrilled! Decidedly one of the best dining experience of our lifes. Everything was perfect. We should also mention … the impeccable service! And in addition, we learned that several students at the ITHQ in Montreal doing their internship in Azuridge Estate. We had the chance to met some during our evening and all of them claimed that it was a great experience. We’re not having a hard time to understand their passion, both for the hotel Azuridge and for the profession in general. In short, we really felt like princesses. Possibly enough to put Alberta in our next destinations list… ;)

About Azuridge Estate

Located close to the Rockies of Alberta, the Azuridge Estate is a style and luxury masterpiece. Formerly a private residence, this extraordinary area was transformed in 2011 and is now one of the most recent series of hotels in Canada. This is a true hidden gem that extends over 13 hectares, of resplendent beauty, just 30 minutes from Calgary.

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