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Healthy or not? (4 food myths)

You think that you’re making healthy choices? Are you really sure about that?

I see and I hear regularly people talking of their eating habits and their beliefs about what is healthy or not. Let’s demystify certain food myths.

Here are 4 examples of food myths

Smoothie for breakfast

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Smoohies, still really trendy, allow us to eat quicly in the morning and feel that we had a healthy breakfast considering the content of this beverage. However, most smoothies are composed of too many fruits, which means too much sugar (even if it’s natural sugar!)

You should instead opt for green smoothies, with more vegetables than fruits. Also, this kind of breakfast is digested quickly so you will not be satisfied. You can add proteins such as pea protein, seeds like chia and hemp or eat some almonds on the side.

Vegetable soups as a meal

Many people of my circle tell me that they are eating “healthy,” opting for a simple vegetable soup as a meal. What happens around 4-5 pm on the way back home? You are starving and you want to eat anything available in your kitchen. Yes, you can eat a soup as a meal but this is called a “meal soup”. Be sure to add a protein source like chicken, shrimp, legumes.

Vitamin beverages

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Under misleading appearences, an astronomical quantity of sugar is hidden. It’s important to prioritize water, approximately 1 to 2 liters per day and even more if your level of physical activity is high. You can add lemon, ginger or make iced green tea to give more punch to your water!


Multigrain bread

Contrary to popular belief, multigrain bread is not necessarily better than white bread. You should know how to read the labels! Look at the number of fibers on the package (about 4-6 g of fibers for 2 slices). Also, breads must contain whole grain/integral to have the benefits. Be aware of white breads which pretend containing the same values as a whole wheat bread. Their fabrication denatures some of the nutrients.

Be aware of the food myths and don’t forget that the most important thing is to vary the food of your meals in order of getting as many nutrients as possible and to hydrate yourself daily with water.

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