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10 tips to get you in the Christmas spirit

Christmas is fast approaching , but you 're still not in the mood ? For me the Christmas spirit, it starts on December 1st ... If you catch yourself singing " Where are you Christmas" , read on ... No, it's not too late to get into the atmosphere!

Here are some tips for finding the magic of the holiday season!

Advent Calendar

calendrier de l'avent
© Pierre-Luc Reid

The Advent calendars are always a good way to get into the Christmas spirit early in December. They make all kinds now! With more fancy chocolates that do not taste like cardboard … But also obviously the advent calendar by David’s Tea allowing you to enjoy a tea a day, or that of Benefit which contains a small beauty surprise every day! If you feel inspired , why not do your own advent calendar. If you’re caught too late this year, I’m telling you that in fact it is not too late to start! I propose this: give a gift to a person around you every day until Christmas! After all, there is no better way to feel festive than giving and feel loved. ( awww )


Christmas music

musique noel
Music is one of the best tools to get into any ambience. Christmas is certainly no exception to the rule! There is of course the classics, but all styles are available for Christmas, from pop to jazz … even rock, country or hip hop Christmas songs! For my part I particularly like these albums (you know my kitsch side) Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey, Joy: a holiday collection by Jewel, and Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan. You can also log on Songza throughout the holiday season or a satellite radio for more variety. So avoid your Grinch face in the traffic or at the office with some holiday music.



Christmas coffee

cafe de noelI can not help it; it is one of the small pleasures of December and it’s so festive! I admit that there’s a lot of sugar in there … So what?! At Starbucks’, Café Dépôt or Second Cup, you will find flavors like eggnog, gingerbread, peppermint … with whipped cream for that matter! To remain in the atmosphere, but without too many calories, you can also opt for the collection of winter teas by David’s Tea or the famous Tsaverna tea by Kusmi Tea.






décoration de Noël
Nothing better than houses illuminated and snow falling for quite a magical atmosphere … Then, there is obviously the Christmas tree! Whether you are more traditional or more modern, there is something for everyone … Not enough space? Choose a miniature tree. You can also draw inspiration from all sorts of DIY decorating ideas by searching on Pinterest. And do not forget to bring a little something to decorate the office … the atmosphere must take anywhere. ;)





Christmas bath

What’s more comforting and relaxing than a warm bath in winter … You want to add a touch of Christmas? Very easy with the holiday collection of Lush. And there is real choice … My suggestions ? Since you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you: the luxury Lush pud with sweet lavander, the snow angel with its delicate almond smell, dashing santa, an invigorating scent of mandarin, bergamot and orange absolute and also leaves a trail of glitter on the water, and finally Holly Golightly, a comforting bubble bread with spicy smells of patchouli, cinnamon and clove.



The list to Santa Claus

liste au père noël
Remember when you were a child and that absolutely anything was possible? Put yourself in that mindset and make a list of your most cherished wishes and without censoring you. Believe in Santa Claus again just of a minute or two and make a list of absolutely everything you want for yourself in the next year or at least the next few months. After all, it is allowed to dream… and that’s the magic of Christmas. (You can also leave the list in sight in case someone would fall on it and be inspired for your gift) ;)




Holiday look

look noel
Admit that you love the holidays because it is often an excuse to give in to a a nice outfit for going out… but why wait until Christmas to put on some glam? If there is a good time of the year for some daring fantasies, it’s the holiday season. So go ahead, put on some glitter to work, add a touch of red with bright red lips or why not some bling bling jewelry. You can also take the opportunity to be festive fingertips with a special manicure, snow fairy style! The boys are not left out: one leaves his best shirt or adding a bow tie, why not (in red satin!) ;)



Smells like Christmas

The olfactory memory is very powerful … Smells often evoke deep memories that make us instantly feel emotions . But how would you smell of Christmas? There was the smell of pine , the smell of spices and the smell of turkey baked … Anyway, to get you in the mood , it could be as simple as turning a warmShe the Christmas smell! Try this Winter Berries candle from Fruits and Passion, or this one from Dot and Lil that smells fresh pine scent. You can also opt to burn the essential oil of cinnamon or plant cloves in the peel of an orange, which is also decorative.



Christmas movie

How to miss! Christmas stories are sometimes serious, touching or funny and are a great way to fall into the nostalgia of the holidays… especially if you have your classics that you like watching every year. So go ahead, put your most comfy pajamas (with reindeer prints if possible) and bundle up in a soft big cover to watch to a Christmas movie. You can view the some team suggestions to get inspired.





Blog and the City ever day in December

As you have probably noticed, Blog and the City has also taken its Christmas outfit. Come back to visit every day during the month of December for more Christmas posts and gift ideas! Happy Holidays!

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