Vegetables you buy once and can regrow forever!

Smells like spring ! I can’t explain why, but this year, I decided to grow my own vegetables. Problem is that I live in an appartment with a tiny balcony… Challenge accepted ! I don’t really have equipment, experience or good luck with gardening, so I decided to try a new trend : regrow food from scratch. It’s free and it doesn’t need much time.

Green onions


I think it’s the easiest vegetable to regrow. You only have to keep about 3 cm and put the roots in a glass of water. You’ll see the onions growing back within a week! When the roots are long enough, you can plant them and have fresh green onions forever.



Ok, it may not be a vegetable, but it works anyway. Cut some 10 cm cuttings from a fresh basil plant and put them in a glass of water. Within a couple of days, you will see tiny white roots appear. You can plant them, and eat pesto every day à!



Next time you buy a celery, cut the base and put it in a bowl filled with a little bit of water. Within a few days, you will see new leaves coming out!


laitue romaine

Basically the same as celery. Cut the base, place it in a sunny place, and the leaves will regrow within a few days!

Onions and garlic


Plant a garlic bulb, or onion roots, directly in soil. Roots will grow and a new stern will appear. You will be able to harvest them within a few weeks.








Apparently, avocados, potatoes, ginger, pineapples, pumkins, carrots and mushrooms works too, but I didn’t try them yet. New entry on my to-do list!

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