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Discover the new menu at Restaurant Su! Staying true to her origins, Cher Fisun Ercan offers authentic Turkish cuisine, combining tradition, gastronomy and freshness.

Ottoman Decor

This week, Fisun Ercan celebrated the 8th anniversary of hes first restaurant, Su. Yes, already 8 years! When she launched the project in 2006, I doubt she was seeing herself welcoming us, eight years later, to celebrate this event. We absolutely have to applaud her audacity; open a restaurant offering Turkish cuisine, very little known at that time (and still today) right in downtown Verdun… Congrats! Her secret, she says, (other than rigor and work ethic), is to stay humble to her origins and to respect traditions. When developing the new menu, her goal was the same as in 2006; offering people, through the decor, the ambiance, the food and the presentations, a direct trip to Turkey for an evening. A trip during which we discover very quickly the convivial and friendly aspect of the Turkish cuisine that will charm you for sure.

Time to get serious. As part of the evening, we were welcomed with the discovery menu, with is 2 mezes plates and a dessert. I highly recommend this formula, which for sure will satisfy larger appetites, as well as the more thorough at very reasonable price ($ 49 / person and only $ 29 on Wednesday).

First mézès board

The first board consists of four mezes chosen by the Chef among 12 choices. For this occasion, we were treated with a puree of braised Jerusalem artichokes, red lentil meatballs with salsa, roasted beet salad, yogurt and Turkish pastry rolls filled with feta and herbs. Everything was just delicious. It was fresh, tasty and very delicate. I could not help but slip my dried tomatoes homemade bread on the board to soak all of these flavors … Delicious!




True happiness on a board

The second board is quite impressive. I was afraid it doesn’t fit on the table! For a carnivore like me, it was true happiness. This colossal board consists of grilled Cournouaille Chicken, lahmacun (Turkish bread stuffed with meat, akin to our “tourtière”), lamb meatballs, lamb chops, basmati rice, bulgur pilaf, roasted vegetables, yogurt and pistachio. Despite the slightly overcooked lamb chops, I must brag those of the meatballs served well pink and very juicy chicken. Surrounding this very impressive meat were generous portions of grilled vegetables, making it harmonious and well-balanced.



The evening ended with a touch sweet; Turkish delights called “loukoum”, directly coming from Turkey and of course, a Turkish coffee.

Loukoums, vino and homemade chocolate-hazelnut tartinade
Turkish coffee










It is out of the restaurant that we understand why the Su Restaurant still works well, even after 8 years. Nobody can get tired of a cuisine that combines freshness and gastronomy, while enjoying authentic Turkish cuisine. A small detour on Wellington Street in Verdun is definitely worth a visit!

Su Restaurant


Fiscun Ercan


5145 Wellington St., Verdun, Quebec H4G 1Y2


Discovery menu for $ 49 / person except Wednesday at $ 29.
First mezes between $ 6 and $ 14, meat mezes between $ 17 and $ 22


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