#jesuischarlie in 12 powerful images

The attack that killed at least 12 victims of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, Wednesday, January 7th, sparked a wave of reactions on social networks and a movement of sympathy appeared on Facebook and Twitter. Several artists have illustrated the tragedy.

Joachim Roncin , artistic director and reporter for Stylist magazine is the first to have published the logo “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) on Twitter Wednesday at 11:52 , less than an hour after the shooting. Numerous people later replaced their profile photo with this logo or shared it on social media. The hashtag #jesuischarlie was used more than 45 000 times in an hour on twitter and more than 468 000 publications were made on instagram in less than 10 hours. Faced with this tragedy that leaves us speechless, several illustrators have responded with images… An image when there are no words. Here are 12 images that have been widely seen on the web following the event.

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