Is it tea time yet?

Growing up in England with a British father, I sometimes wonder if I have a genetic predisposition towards the hot beverage. It’s a source of comfort when I am sick or its cold outside and, unlike most foods, I don’t get sick of it.

My classic

tetleyAs many Brits can relate, I have a special place in my heart for Tetley’s classic blend. It’s one of the few things that have remained with me from childhood to my adult life. The only difference is how I now consume it. In a bid to be more health conscious, I’ve since cut out the generous teaspoon of sugar. A move that, I’m sure, horrifies my dad.

Herbal Teas

As I hit my twenties I gained a deeper interest in tea and decided, like my hair colour, I wanted to try something new. I started with the basics of herbal teas: green tea, peppermint and chamomile. They were healthier and tasted ok, although it was hard at first to adjust to life with tea and no milk.

Masala Chai Tea

Then, my love for Indian food introduced me to a new flavour: Masala chai tea. This one is just like its cuisine counterpart. Delicious, full of flavour and milk! For those who don’t like strong flavours, it’s probably not your cup of tea (ahh, gotta love a good pun), but it’s a yummy option for those who do.

Ginger Tea

PukkaNowadays, pushing thirty and with health on my mind constantly, I’ve some new “go-to” teas. The first, introduced to me by a good friend who also happens to be a holistic nutritionist, is organic, has flavour and includes various health benefits. Made by Pukka, the Three Ginger tea, is a favourite post-meal beverage that helps with digestion using the benefits of ginger root.

Detox Tea

kusmiMy most recent obsession is a detox tea. Everywhere you look there seems to be another product designed to purify, cleanse and reset your body. There’s even a new detox market down the street from my office. But of all the detox teas I’ve tried, the BB Detox by Kusmi is the clear front runner if you’ve got the cash for it. Although tasty, a small tin will cost you upwards of $20.

What are your favourite teas? Let us know below.

Lauren is a regular gal living in the city of Toronto and working on figuring out… well, everything! She loves tea and her beloved cat, Max, and sometimes feels like she’s 90 but trapped in someone else’s body. During the day she works in PR.

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