Ikanos, Mediterranean cuisine

Newly established in Old Montreal, the Ikanos restaurant promises a fresh Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Former restaurant owner of the Tazzo Mezze Bar located on the Plateau, Chef Constant Mentzas has recently launches in a new adventure: Ikanos. The latter, in which he and his team still offers a Mediterranean mezze menu, focuses on the freshness of the products, working with farmers and fishermen in the province. I therefore had the chance to discover their new fall menu…

Who says Mediterranean, says of course seafood and fresh fish. Carpaccio of halibut, tuna tataki, scallops poilées, turbot, octopus, sea bass and so on… lover of the sea, you will be served! However, if you are not very fond of seafood or if you feel more “carnivorous”, note that their prime rib, firstly cooked under vacuum and then broiled in embers Josper* is a delight.



Everything I had the chance to taste totally enchanted me, especially since I really enjoy this type of cuisine. However, my favorite BIG crush goes to the grilled octopus, served with grilled marinated artichokes and aioli. Only this dish is worth a visit. Simply DIVINE!

Mediterranean cuisine is also synonym of good wine. Indeed, Ikanos provides an interesting and diversify card of wines. However, I advise you to stay in the same region, as they provide a great variety of Greek imports.
*Due to slow cooking with coals, the charcoal oven Josper provides a unique flavor to foods arranging tender and delicate flavors of fire.



Constant Mentzas


112 rue McGill, Suite 1
Montréal (Québec), H2Y 2E5


Mezzes between $9 et $21. Count 2-3 mezzes per person. They also offer plates for 2, between $61 and $78.


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