Gourmet Burger

Gourmet Burger

Want to live the burguesque experience in Montreal ? If so, make sure you don't forget your appetite, because you'll need it! Bragging about selling only top quality products and offering a promise of freshness, the Gourmet Burger, located on Bishop Street, is certainly the best destination to satisfy a junk food's rage, without being so.

Forget the cheesiness burger name, here it is simplicity itself. Choose your meat, condiments, your cheese and your sauce and voila. You are a vegetarian ? Want salmon or bison ? They have what it takes. Feeling fancy ? Add truffles sauce and foie gras. Finish it up with one of the 12 differents kind of cheeses and you will be ready to live the burguesque experience.

Trio de shriners burgers
Trio de shriners burgers

As it was the Burger Week, I absolutely had to taste their creation, the Shrinersburger : A juicy beef burger grilled on charcoal, melted cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onions, chipotle BBQ sauce, garnished with fresh coriander. Yummy. Decadent was the first word that came to my mind. I expected nothing less ! Despite the (very) generous amount of cheese and condiments, the taste of juicy beef dominates. The sauce is perfect: a good taste of smoke, spiced to wish that goes wonderfully with the melted yellow cheese. The brioche bread is fresh and very soft.

As for the side dish, they offer sweet potato fries, chili, poutine or salad. We both opted for the classic french fries, hand cut every day. They are not greasy, crispy, but slightly lacking seasoning.

With a total bill of 26$ for two burgers with the side dish, there is no reason to resist to live the burguesque experience… Except maybe your cholesterol !

Gourmet Burger


1433B Bishop street, Montreal


Burgers between $6 and $9, condiments from $1 to $3 and side dishes from $3.
For 2 persons,  burger and side : $26.

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