Coco Loco: the place where to brunch in Griffintown

Aaah! brunch ! This little pleasure of the weekend! Maybe you 're a regular at the corner restaurant or maybe you like trying new destinations brunch-tastic! I have been testing a new brunch destination recently.

Yet another breakfast restaurant with a pun around the egg… you will say… well yes! I was eggs-pecting of course a classic breakfast-brunch restaurant…

Coco Loco is a family business established for several years in the Ste-Rose, Laval and now also located in the new development of Griffintown, just above the ZIBO! restaurant, if you’re in the neighborhood, you may not notice it, but there are not many breakfast restaurant in the area, so it’s a good thing to know it’s there if you want brunch in Griffintown.

A Griffintown atmosphere

First the decor: I have rarely seen a breakfast restaurant with a modern, urban style like this. We are far from the country atmosphere with fake chickens as decoration. Modern, minimalist decor, wood floor… all in shades of gray, but with a touch of yellow still for a bit of warmth and good humor. One owner also tells me he wants to add soon a decorative element: large vintage black and white photos of Griffintown…

Breakfast menu

On the menu, yes, of course there are the classics, but also some eggs-travagances (hehe!). First smoothies! Who does not love a good fresh fruit smoothies in the morning?! Mmm… Then classic eggs, omelettes, pancakes, waffles, fruit plates, French toasts, pancakes, benedictine eggs, in short, you will find your morning classics with smoked maple bacon, some healthy breakfast options, adaptations for intolerances to gluten and a children’s menu… but what is interesting about the menu are some specialties for those who like novelty and variety (like me!).

What I ate

Gaufre Special Coco Loco
Gaufre Special Coco Loco ©Marie-Janelle

I took the waffle Special Coco Loco. A waffle with strawberries and pineapple with coconut sauce and sprinkled with shredded coconut. Ah! I see! Coco is not only for egg, but for coconut too! The coconut syrup is imported from Hawaii, as I had ever eaten something like that. A special feature of the restaurant which I think should be used more to stand out from other breakfast restaurants. You can put it on everything and ask to replace the maple syrup. It’s so good! If you like coconut like me, ask for it! It’s eggs-ellent! (haha, ok I’ll stop).

House specialities

Other specialties that caught my attention on the menu… to try!
– Sweet & Nutty: A mix of yogurt, custard, walnuts and roasted almonds, topped with real maple syrup, served with seasonal fruits and raisin bread.
– French Toast Sandwich: A croissant dipped in our homemade batter with ham, Swiss cheese and egg served with seasonal fruits.
– Dulcura: A crepe with dulce de leche and served with strawberries and bananas

Make your choice! Have a good brunch!

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