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5 reasons why you must try Kyozon Restaurant

The Kyozon restaurant opened last September in Montreal. I attended the grand opening with medias and VIPs and I must say that I found the concept very interesting! If you want to try, here are five good reasons to do so.

Reason 1

Because you don’t always have the same appetite (or the same budget) that the person (or people) accompanying you

Le Kaiten du Kyozon
The Kaiten of Kyozon © Kyozon


At the restaurant’ mezzanine, the Kaiten (sushi conveyor ) shows different varieties of sushis and Asian tapas plates with a color code.
Pink = $2, red = $3, yellow = $ 4.5, $ 6 = green = $6, blue = $7
Very simple! Except for color blind people or if you really suck at math … so everyone has enough to eat at their own pace and pay for what they ate only.



Reason 2

You LOVE Asian food, but usually don’t enjoy the atmoshphere of Asian restaurants that much

ambiance restaurant Kyozon


Yes! There is a great atmosphere at the Kyozon restaurant. First the place is super spacious (area of ​​8500 square feet) and can accommodate a lot of people (over 250 people). The decor is not cliché-Asian, but rather modern and industrial. A DJ will also be provided for some nights as we were able to have the experience at the opening night (Thanks to DJ Abeille). In short, a true trendy resto-bar atmosphere.



Reason 3

Because you just can’t resist special offers

On weekdays, lunch is $15 from 11:30 to 14:30 or you can get the Kaiten unlimited for $17 from 14:30 to 17:30. Several promotions are also offered at the bar for happy hours.

Reason 4

Because you’re a night owl and you are looking for a restaurant that is open late late…

Kyozon restaurant closes at 1am Sunday through Wednesday and 3am Thursday through Saturday.

restaurant kyozon bar


Reason 5

Because you’d like to go to Asia to live their traditional holidays, but you do not have the budget

Kyozon restaurantpresents special events related to the Asian calendar. Next: The anniversary of the Japanese emperor (who will turn 81 years old) December 23th, Omisoka on December 31st for New Year’s Eve celebrations and Stesubun (Bean-Throwing Festival) February 3rd, 2015.

Food and the city
From left to right: Stef René, Marie-Janelle et Catherine Duplessis
@Paméla Lajeunesse for


And finally, if none of my reasons convinced you, you can always say that you are simply a curious foodie like those of Food And The City and that the Kyozon restaurant sounds great!







Kyozon restaurant


1458 Crescent street, Montreal

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Kingshuk Day

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