3 months challenge at Milan Pole Dance Studio – The results

I was curious to confirm whether it really only takes a few months to master simple figures, but quite impressive at pole dance . You are too ? Read this article to see the evolution of a novice in the world of pole dance.

A few months ago, I accepted the #3monthsMilanPoleDanceChallenge. I must say that I really enjoyed my first try. So I was obviously very excited to see how far sould lead me this challenge. In summary, the challenge was to take courses at Studio Milan Pole Dance of Montrealonce a week. You can read more about the challenge in this blog post.


Here is my progress through these 3 months …

Week 1

Still love the studio which is really beautiful. In addition, it is located in the Old Port of Montreal and I love this environment. I managed to do some basic movement during the Pole Dance Basic class. The course Flexy is intense… and I thought I was pretty flexible …

Week 2

Well, it looks easy like that, but it’s pretty demanding and you get warm really quick exercising on the pole. The problem is that the pole becomes very slippery when we have sweaty hands… The movement of the siren that we see in the instagram video below is quite simple to perform by anyone. It does not specifically demand strength, coordination and flexibility. Therefore, it is often one of the first move that you learn.


Week 3

Already, after only 3 little classes, we get to make simple sequences like this… They made me put on some “Dry Hands”. It helps a lot!

Week 4

Many movements spinning on the pole! It’s easy to start rotating very fast. This class made me nauseous. I had to stop a few times, but it seems that the body get used to this… So far I’ve learned different movements every week, classes are always different from one time to the other.

Week 6

We were initiated to inversions (upside down) in this Pole Dance Basic class. It’s pretty scary to swing your body in the air like that, but it’s quite impressive and also rewarding when you manage to do it. The “Dry Hands” is definitely appropriate here. Also, after a month, I feel that the work-out effects show ​​on my muscles and figure.

Week 7

Another Pole Dance Basic class. There are often people from all levels in this class, but what is good is that there are always variations for people who want to push the movement further versus beginners. However, seeing that I improved quite well and I had enough strength, I was asked to upgrade to the Pole Gym Basic class to perfect my technique.

Week 9

First Pole Gym Basic class! Unlike the Pole Dance class which focuses on spinning movements, this class focuses on exercises and tricks up on the pole. It’s a little closer to a gym class or even acrobatics. In this class, you often need to climb higher on the pole and make movements in the air as well as inversions. I feel a little insecure about those kind of movements and I still have to improve my climbing on the pole!

Week 10

Fear of swinging me up in the air and on the pole begins to fly. It’s really impressive how I managed to get used to it quickly. I can already practice a lot of positions on the pole and I really like the challenge!

Week 12

Climbing up the pole? Sounds simple, right? I finally get to go up more easily and rapidly on the pole… and without having bruises on my upper foot!

The verdict

How I liked the studio

I really enjoyed my experience of these three months! I really like the studio. You always get to learn new techniques from one course to another and therefore, it is always a little different and never boring. There are also a few different teachers, so in their own way to teach a little it can really help to see different aspects and improve rapidly.

Effectiveness of the work-out

It’s impressive how it tones the body. A friend came along with me to a class and the she texted me on the next day to say “I really hurt everywhere!”. Even if the heart rate increases a bit when practicing movements, I would personally recommend supplementing with a cardio exercise. However, I think pole dancing can easily replace your weight training at the gym. In addition, it gives you those elongated muscles, not inflated muscles such as when you Cross-Fit. It also works great abs and all the stabilizing muscles.


The $25 per class can be pretty expensive. It’s a lot more profitable if you take one of the available packages. That way, it can get you back to $12 or $15 per class in the end, which is equivalent to the standard prices of many yoga class, or your monthly gym membership if you go once a week.


Flexy classes were nice and I think it can help a lot to better perform certain movements thereafter, but to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite; stretching for an hour can be a bit long. As I have not followed this class for the whole three months, it is difficult for me to assess whether my flexibility has really improved. Regarding pole classes as such, evolution is obvious: more power, more agility and more confidence too. Some movements are painful at first but you get used to it quickly. For example, when I tried the movement in which you need to “squeeze” the pole between your thighs to support your body… I tried once on each side and then it was too sensitive, I even got bruises in the inner thighs. I thought I’d never make it! But just a few practices later, I had no pain at all doing it. In short, evolution is fast enough, my experience confirms it. See for yourself in the video below:

Video of my progress


And now, look at the pros!


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