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10 restaurants where to eat in Montreal in 2016

2015 brought its share of discoveries of restaurants in Montreal . Here are 10 that caught the attention of our food bloggers. If you are a reel foodie , you should definitely try these restaurants.

Foodies of this world, so here are 10 restaurants where to eat in Montreal in 2016. #FoodAndTheCity


Jatoba Jatoba is located in the heart of Montreal’s business district in a century-old building surrounded by skyscrapers. The menu, created by Olivier Vigneault (Kaizen , Park) offers food combining the classics of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. All meals are tastier than each other; dumplings, vegetables and tofu, fish, seafood, meat and poultry and rice. Good service, pleasant and intimate atmosphere. To learn more, see the article Welcome to Jatoba.

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LABARAKE – Caserne à Manger

labarakeLABARAKE is a neighborhood restaurant in Rosemont with an urban brasserie-style cuisine and French influence. At this place was once a fire station that has been re- arranged in cozy bar-restaurant. A varied menu, accessible with specialties such as mussels and fries, fish and chips, burger, beef tartare  mushroom risotto, Portuguese chicken, short ribs and paella. Check out our article LABARAKE célèbre son premier anniversaire.

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La Coupole

la coupoleLa Coupole the restaurant is located in Hotel Le Crystal ; one of the four 5-star hotels in Montreal. In 2015 , the restaurant has undergone renovations and has concocted a brand new menu
by Chef Jean- Benoit Courcoul. The offered dishes are made ​​up of Quebec products. An example: the red pumpkin gnocchi creminis stew and onions, kale cabbage, carrots, gouda cream End-Renard or fried char Chevalier, whipped cream with green fern, roasted squash in rosehip with hemp oil, grilled cabbage … In short, refined and elaborate dishes, from $20 to $44 for the main course. See articleLa (nouvelle) Coupole – Bistro Laurentien.

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ZIBO! centre-ville

ziboZIBO! offers flavored californian cuisine. This is the sixth chain restaurant, and yes, I said chain, but do not be too snobbish and if you have never set foot in a ZIBO!, the brand new restaurant opened in January 2016 in downtown Montreal is the perfect opportunity to test its authentic cuisine. You will find a menu of salads, pastas, grilled meats, fish and more at a quite affordable price, but also a large restaurant and bar that suits happy hours, groups, dinners with friends or business lunches. In short, a nice restaurant for any occasion, always good to know!

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ZIBO! centre-ville



©Marie-Janelle Larivée @maryjane1407 sur instagram
©Marie-Janelle Larivée @maryjane1407 sur instagram

Le EAST for East Asia. This is the restaurant of the hotel Renaissance Montreal, which opened January 2016. There is a delicious pan-Asian cuisine. Each dish on the menu is distinguished by its flavor and history according to their country of origin … So, Laos Japan, Thailand , Singapore… , you will find a larb salad with beef, “dim sum”, black cod with miso, Pekin duck etc. Dishes full of flavors and refined. All in a very pleasant modern decor; Moreover we forget completely that is in a hotel.

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Tapas 24

resto 24 tapas montreal
©Marie-Janelle @maryjane1407 sur instagram

Tapas 24, a concept that comes directly from Barcelona. The menu conceived by chef Carles Abellan offers a variety of Spanish tapas to share; classic dishes like coca con tomate; bread served with tomatoes and olive oil, or more creative as Bunuelo bacalao has sirope de arce y limon; a cod donut with maple syrup and lemon. It is a passionate tribute to these small bites of flavor that are part of the lives of the Spanish. The large space, the decor and the warm and vibrant atmosphere are much in the experience offered by this restaurant.



Manitoba restaurant I’ve heard a lot about in 2015; everyone seemed to agree on what favorite. The menu is dedicated to regional cuisine and looking for our indigenous roots. 5 choices of appetizers, 5 choices of meals and 2 choices of desserts. A restaurant that goes to the essential and succerd in humility to impress. Think soup with wild mushrooms and pears or fresh pasta spruce and spinach, braised hare, breadcrumbs hemp or venison steak cedar, celeriac, Heracleum maximum, artichokes, cranberries, leek ash and caribou lichen … Indeed , “a little forest on our plates, a bit of nature in our glasses, wood, rock, wind. But above all, we wanted to share the simplicity to eat well, drink well, laugh together.”

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A favorite restaurant of food critics and no longer really need presentations, Lili.Co offers market cuisine, inventive directly from the farm. The menu offers about twenty dishes which change often (it is not available on the website). Local products are privileged and chosen for the quality of their producers. The service is welcoming and friendly with an atmosphere of small neighborhood restaurant .

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Le Serpent

le serpentLocated in the same building as the industrial Darling Foundry Le Serpent is a contemporary bistro with Italian accents. In its industrial-chic decor, the bar-restaurant serves hearty dishes, often rich, delicious and perfect for an intimate dinner. On the menu: pastas, risotto, fish or meat with the perfect blend of ingredients to fill you up with flavors.

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Jellyfish – crudo + charbon

As its name suggests, Jellyfish crudo+charbon is a restaurant that contrasts illustrates the duality between raw and aromas of charcoal. Located in the Old Port of Montreal, the decor is beautiful, with its high ceiling, industrial gaits modern and vintage at once. Menu on the raw side: oysters, salmon and beef tartare, duck tataki, carpaccio of scallops and octopus sausage. On the coal side : cod, chicken, veal , pork loin , beef tab, salmon or filet mignon.

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Jellyfish crudo+charbon

On your mark, get set, taste and enjoy. Have a nice 2016 year of discoveries and good food! Enjoy the best restaurants where to eat in Montreal.

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