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Wine – 3 suggestions

Simplify your life during your next visit to the SAQ! (Yes, it can be long sometimes carefully choose the correct magic elixir.) Here's my recent 3 favorites of wino.

Aveleda Vinho Verde

Aveleda Vinho VerdeI had the chance to discover the Portuguese wines by Aveleda at an event at Biiru last September. I particularly liked the Vinho Verde Aveleda. The name “Vinho Verde” (green wine) is given to some wines from the Minho region in Portugal. Vinho Verde Aveleda is elaborated with grapes Trajadura, loureiro, Arinto and Azal. It contains fruity flavors like apple, pear and citrus. It is a sweet, slightly effervescent wine that leaves the palate with a lingering feeling of freshness. In short, a good “thirst quenching wine”.

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Price: $11,80



Moscato par Jacob’s Creek

MoscatoI knew very well the red wines of Jacob’s Creek and I really like the Classic Shiraz with notes of pepper, plum, spice and toasted oak. I was very pleased to discover Moscato  with my colleague Stéphanie Larocque, on a beautiful sunny day on the terrace. This wine is light and refreshing! It is very slightly effervescent. It is rather sweet and mild in flavor, but still offers a nice balance with its fruity and lively side. Drink very cold under the sun! Definitely my favorite of the summer!

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Price: $13,95



Apothic Red

apothicThere, we fall into a completely different note! The California red wine Apothic is the result of a mixture of Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. This blend of grapes gives an intense aroma and a strong flavor; notes of spicy berries, blueberry, cherry and vanilla. A rich, warm wine, just perfect for fall and winter! Think of an evening, wrapped up in a blanket or near the fireplace while watching the snow fall outside? This wine is perfect for that!

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Price: $16,75