What type of traveller are you?

In my articles about travel, I talk about my tips and my research. Planning your journey is, for me, an almost equally rewarding as the journey itself experience. Search for tickets, itinerary, places to visit on the reading habits and customs of the, learning the basic vocabulary of the language of the country ...

Have you ever asked this question? The one in the title. I often talk about travelling with my friends and acquaintances and even though sometimes we have the same opinions, I often find that I’m more bold in my way of travelling. Yet this is not how I saw it. For me, this is one of the best ways to discover the country and I know, above all, that there are people who are much more immersive than me.

I was amused to describe some personalities of travellers that I myself was and I allowed myself to extrapolate other personalities encountered. Of course, and you’ll understand that there is nothing scientific in these descriptions. The whole thing is just for fun.

The vacationer

He can not be regarded as a traveller, because he is basically looking a week of all inclusive in the sun to get out of his routine (which is not bad either). Usually he searches for bargains to get away for a maximum of one week. Comfort could be secondary as long as he has  his chair on the beach.

The neophyte

First trip. We recognize him to the huge suitcase he has when going somewhere for only a week. He asks a lot of questions and marvel at everything and anything (even a pottery made ​​in china while in Cuba!). He has not yet experienced enough to evaluate comfort, one thing is certain, he will miss his bed.

The curious

He chooses his destination to travel depending on the culture and scenery. He is interested in the history of the people of the city and the country. He will be mainly attracted by group trips organized or semi-organized in order to stay safe (at least feel safe). Looking for some form of comfort in hotels willing to pay maybe a little more.

The guided

Usually curious, he likes to be told what to see, what to visit and what are the must. He mainly buys the city guide (because he has usually enough of one city) and will tour as directed by it. A kind of guided tour with no guide. He will find a hotel in the guide suggested and approved by the reviews on TripAdvisor.

The bold

This traveller prepares an itinerary based on places to visit. Usually fairly organized in his journey, he always keeps a certain dose of improvisation in case he changes  his mind along the way. He’s a very curious traveler who loves ‘the locals’ and culture. He loves visiting the country and outside of touristic options. Comfort remains a concern, but not a necessity, it will favor the adventure to comfort.

The backpacker

Usually this is the kind of traveller that spends the least time to prepare his journey. He knows where he is going and how, and that’s about it. The rest is improvised to suit locations, desires and encounters. He is often depicted with a backpack. This is the one that allows the most freedom. Comfort? What is it?

The ethical

He chooses his fights. That is to say, he travelled mostly in places and countries without political problem, encouraging farmers and a follower of the new trend of ecotourism. Comfort is further in its priority list.

The humanitarian

Pleasure goes with usefull. Usually he takes a vacation from work (or sabbatical time) and will work for international NGOs. He is a bit of a mix of ethical traveller and backpacker. Comfort is not necessary, everything is focused on the journey to live the experience.

Do you have other types of traveler to describe? Which one would you be?