The Maple Leaf Tavern in Toronto

Toronto doesn’t stop impressing me. It is such a dynamic city, were there is alway something happening. There is also a significant amount of restaurants and bars opening every week.

And so, I got invited to witness and celebrate the re-born of a place, long time forgotten. Maple Leaf Tavern is a well known establishment in the East End of Toronto (Gerrard Street). Built in 1910, it then became an hotel in 1935. Unfortunately for the neighbourhood, the building got passed from one poor management to another before becoming a dive bar. In an area in need of a great and modern bar where to enjoy a nice meal and some cocktails, Todd Morgan from the Port Restaurant in Pickering came in to give the tavern a brand new look. In a city where most of the older buildings are to be transformed into modern high-rise condos, it is great to see that not everything is sacrificed for housing projects.

The Atmosphere of the Maple Leaf Tavern

13211016_10154012521021206_921773440_oFrom neighborhood tavern to gastropub, The Maple Leaf Tavern will transport you in time, back to its glamourous days. The cozy atmosphere has a perfect balance between a classy pub and a layback restaurant. The mix of green, white and black add to its character. The Maple Leaf Tavern is a little oasis, in a area still changing and dynamizing itself. I would be willing to bet that the new tavern will bring some positve changes around for a near future.

The Menu of the Maple Leaf Tavern

IMG_0414The menu, without being too big, offers a great selection of sharing starters (Warm Olives, Shrimp Cocktail,Seasonal Oysters,…), comforting fish and meat dishes with local ingredients as well as wood grilled platters for 2. Behind this delicious menu is Jesse Vallins, originaly from The Saint and well known in the industry. The cocktails, with a touch of simplicity and tradition, will very much please you. For the wine lovers, a great variety of natural and biodynamic wines were carefully selected.

The Maple Leaf Tavern is expecting to be serving brunch soon, as well as opening a patio on the side in time for the warm weather. The top floors of the tavern should be transformed soon for seating and a rooftop is to be expected.

Maple Leaf Tavern

955 Gerrard Street. (Across from the Gerrard Square)

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