The Art of racing in the rain Garth Stein

As I was walking in the street, I saw, through the window of a second hand bookstore, The art of racing in the rain. I remembered a friend telling me last year, how good and entertaining that book was. So I walked in the bookstore for it, exited to be able to check another category off my reading challenge list.

IMG_0672The Art of Racing in the rain is a story about family, friendship, hope and determination. Narrated by a dog, Enzo, this book will definitely be different from any other one you might have read. The story begins quite sadly, since Enzo, approaching the end of his life, remembers his journey with Denny, his loving master. Enzo brings us back to his first moments with Denny and shares with us how they quickly became very founded of each other. Denny is a professional car racer and they both love to watch race videos. Enzo develops a passion for car racing and compares life to the art of racing.
“ Racing is about discipline and intelligence, not about who has the heavier foot. The one who drives smart will always win in the end.”

Enzo is smart, touching, funny and loyal. His character is lovable from the very first lines. I promise you will not see your dog or any other dog the same way after The Art of Racing in the Rain. You will keep wondering what is happening behind their eyes.

At first, I was expecting a fun, uplifting book. I mean, a dog that tells his life-story, I was expecting something a little lighter. The story is actually a little more complex than I taught. You will go through all kinds of different emotions: you will laugh, maybe you will cry (I did!), you will be mad, you will have hope and you will most certainly love that book. I can’t tell you much about the story itself, Enzo doing a great job narrating it from his very own perspective on life.

For all dog and animal lovers out there, The art of racing in the rain is one for you.

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