Premiere essence by Jenetiqa

Recently, I’ve had the chance to try Premiere Essence by JENETIQA, a complexion corrector and a serum that can be found in one bottle.

Slowly, this marvel brightens and evens out your skin tone, I noticed a decrease of darks spots on my skin, after about two weeks.

Sometimes this kind of treatment gives a shock to the skin and makes it dry, but this one is smooth and we don’t end up with a intense scaling, but with a slight and gradual exfoliation of the skin and a reduction of age spots.

This serum Premiere Essence by Jenetiqa, activates when in contact with the skin to exfoliate, reduce inflammation and even plump up your skin. This complex contains very potent ingredients, extract of Rumex occidentalis, acid ellagic, niacinamide, arbutin and blackberries that will act on your skin and hyperpigmentation on the unification of your complexion.

It offers a silky finish while absorbing quickly. It is advisable to apply it morning and night before your moisturizer, which I have followed throughout the month and gave me good results!

Sold online for 65$. A product to discover!


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