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Do you know the Bento Box? This is a Japanese term for quick meal content in a "lunch box" ... Yes, the lunch box... but in a different way! This type of lunch box is formed of several compartments which fit into each other and which are intended to receive the different components of the meal. Here's a great idea to brighten up your lunch!

I recently discovered Joli Bento, an online store that specializes in containers and accessories for bento-type lunch boxes in an original way! Joli Bento offers over forty products made ​​in Japan, and all of them are very pretty! The containers are sturdy (ABS plastic BPA) and resistant to the microwave and the dishwasher. More importantly, they are so cute! Here are my three favorite products from the collection.

Bento Maïko Kokeshi

Boîte bento Maiko KokeshiThis meal  box is called Maiko which means apprentice geisha. Maiko Kokeshi bento is divided into three distinct parts which fit easily into each other and held in place with an elastic band. The two compartments at the bottom are round and one of them contains a transparent airtight lid. You put a bowl on top of that and there we are. This format is perfect for kids or for those who want to control their portion. This is box is indeed very girly, but the same format is also availaible in a samourai or a ninja version.
price: 28$

Kit bento Matryoshka

bento_matryoshkaThis cute bento is inspired by the Russian dolls and consists of two airtight compartments, which allows to carry your main meals as well as side dish (or perhaps a dessert!) This kit comes with chopsticks in their case . The pretty design is available in red, orange or pink. The same format is also in an Animal Kit bento version.
Price: 34.99$

Bento Book

bento_livrePassionate about reading AND food? This bento is for you. With a total capacity of 500 ml, this lunch box can carry everything. It also contains a small removable inner compartment. The whole is maintained by a n elastic band to hold everything in place. The same format is also available in other colors and designs: the bento bird with its pretty birds design and Makie Livre for traditionnal Japanese art lovers.
Price: 27.99$




And you, what is your favorite Joli Bento?


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