I tried Botox

I was invited to visit the Spa Vitis. A great place... a well kept secret. The spa that offers beauty treatments also contains a medical- aesthetic practice. It is located on the 2nd floor of a vineyard in Laval. ( They are also a very good sparkling as the champagne method) . The building looks like a castle and inside Victorian style is very pretty. I was greeted by Dr. Morin to learn more about the place. In fact , I knew on my way there she was Botox injections, but when we had proposed to me, my first reaction was " Haha, no thank you. " ...


Why I reacted like that? Probably several reasons . Firstly because of the stigma surrounding the word Botox. Then because I was not informed about it. Then because I do not care too much about my age yet … I ‘ve always taken care of my skin. In short, I did not have any intention of receiving Botox that day … I was very well received by Dr. Stephanie Morin took care to explain her job … and I finally try it!

Dre Morin

As you can see in the video, the medical team of DRE Morin inc. has developed real expertise in this area. 2 types of injections are available : Botox and Juvederm. Botox is often associated with Juvederm to treat the entire face and get the best results. Botox has a tightening effect because it detents muscles while Juvederm has a wrinkle filler effect.


So what is Botox exactly? In fact, it’s a poison. Doesn’t sound so reassuring, but it is actually a purified protein called botulinum toxin (or botulinum ) type A, derived from a bacterium. Botox temporarily relaxes muscle areas by blocking nerve impulses that trigger contractions, which has the effect of softening wrinkles and changing the expression. It is used in low doses to cause local injections targeted muscle paralysis to reduce wrinkles temporarily. The treatment lasts for 3 to 6 months.


Juvéderm is like “plasticine” as says Dr. Morin. It is a hyaluronic acid-containing injection can go fill where it is desired to add more volume.

My experience

So as I am curious and willing to try anything at least once, I tried my first Botox injection. I want to mention that I would not have done it if I had not felt completely safe with the medical professional.

Me and my face

I noticed more recently the two vertical lines between my eyebrows called ” frown lines “. This is normal: I squint a lot and since forever. I squint because I ‘m nearsighted. I squint because I have blue eyes and therefore sensitive to light. I squint because I am an analytical person who focuses on things. And after all, that is  how wrinkles appear: repeated movement that affects the skin to create these small creases. I have also a few wrinkles in the forehead when I raise my eyebrows or if I do an expression of astonishment.

What happens during an injection?

After she explained everything and answered all my questions, Dr. Morin took a few minutes to study my features with me and see what aspects to consider. She then took pictures with many exaggerated facial expressions for a comparison. She then filled a small syringe of Botox. The injection is carried out without anesthesia and takes only a few minutes, the time to inject 5-7 places of the face. It is not very painful and very fast. Dr. Morin then asked me to do some contraction exercises to “fix” the product. Small red spots may appear immediately after treatment, but they fade after a few minutes. Dr. Morin then sets a follow up visit in the coming weeks to ensure that the result exactly meets the expectations of the client.

The results

The results are not immediate. They appear gradually to a maximum result after 3 weeks and gradually fade over the following months. After 2 weeks… I do not squint. Or rather less. As I do it less, the creases are fading. Yet everything seems very natural. In fact, I have revealed my secret to 2 people and no one else around me has noticed. Another result I really was not expecting; my eyelids are slightly lifted, so my eyes seem more open, more awake. The results are not final because the injected muscles recover. It is recommended to return approximately every 4-6 months depending on the reappearance of wrinkles.


What are the risks?

People often fear the side effects of Botox. Indeed, we hear many comments or preconceived ideas about Botox. The common fears are:

Become a slave of Botox

Let’s say you try Botox and then decide to stop, what will happen? Several rumors suggest that once you have used Botox, you will have to do injections for the rest of your life and that if you stop, your face will look wrinkled and your features will sag worse way you had before. In fact, this is not true at all. If you stop, your face comes back as before and facial muscles regain their normal strength. However, the fact of not doing some movements with your face for a certain period of time will result in less pronounced wrinkles than they would have been under normal circumstances. In fact, like any addiction, the risk is more psychological than anything else, that is to say that even if your face has no consequences of your use of Botox, it may be that you want to continue simply because you like the result and you feel better about yourself in this way.

Lose all facial expression

You’ve probably seen stars who don’t look so natural and you say: “You can see that she has received Botox.” In fact, it is probably more than Botox in these cases, such as several cosmetic surgeries, but what is important for Botox is dosage. As said Dr. Morin, patients usually want a natural result. In fact, the reality is that this is not your forehead creases showing your emotions or expressions. It’s your voice, your eyes, your smile etc. In addition, Botox applies only to the upper part of the face.

Other side effects

Botox side effects are very rare and always reversible. The downside is that you have to start over every few months to keep the result you like, but the bright side is that there are no ill effects possible with Botox, and that nothing is final if ever you don’t like the result.

How much?

For Botox injections, calculate between $400 and $600 per visit. On average, people take two or three treatments per year. The amount of the bill go up for clients who wish to combine with injections of Juvederm.


And yes, I’m 31 and I got my first injection of Botox. The truth is that I never really had an interest in this treatment, but I did not hate the result and the fact not to see these little lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows does not displease me. In short, the subject is still somewhat taboo and many false information circulating about Botox, but I hope that reading this article will have been able to enlighten you a bit about it. For more information, please contact Dr. Morin, or a professional injection you trust .

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