FST: The future of natural pain relief

A few years ago I discovered first hand that you don’t need to be 90 year old or have a cup size upwards of DD to have back pain. Every day while sitting at my desk, these now familiar aches began creeping up and no pillow or seat adjusting was going to make it go away. Plus, having two parents also prone to aches and pains, I figured this was just my destiny (yes, I’m a tad dramatic sometimes).

This was, until, I discovered Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).

What is FST?

FST is unique blend of assisted stretching, focusing on the fascia and joints to help increase flexibility, strength and provide both pain and stress relief.

Moshe practicing FST on a client ©Lauren Wasley
Moshe practicing FST on a client ©Lauren Wasley

I had the opportunity to experience the therapy first-hand at a recent event. The instructor, Moshe Schwartz a Fascial Stretch Therapist, explained the treatment and together we determined what area of the body to work on during my mini-session.

Now, if you’re like me, being touched by strangers can be a little uncomfortable – perhaps why I’ve never enjoyed massages. What’s great about FST is that not only do you remain fully clothed, but it doesn’t involve any invasive or prolonged touching or rubbing. How it works is that you lie on your back on a massage table and focus on deep breathing. The therapist then works with your breathing and as you breathe in, you push whatever area is being focused on (say your foot) away from your body and against the instructor. Then, as you breathe out, you relax and they push it back towards the body. This push and release method loosens up your muscles and body.

Twenty minutes later my mini-session was done and I stood up.

After the Session

“How do you feel?” asked Moshe, smiling. “Great!” I enthusiastically replied.

Now this was true, but probably the understatement of the year. In reality it was more than that, I felt light, almost like I was floating. My body was relaxed and my limbs were loosened. I didn’t, and still don’t, quite know how to describe it. But it was an amazing feeling. My body was happy and I knew it was something I’d want to do again.

The Therapy

For More Information

To learn more about FST, or try it yourself, contact Moshe Schwartz (mosheschwartzfitness@gmail.com) or check out the Stretch to Win Institute to find an instructor near you.

Lauren is a regular gal living in the city of Toronto and working on figuring out… well, everything! She loves tea and her beloved cat, Max, and sometimes feels like she’s 90 but trapped in someone else’s body. During the day she works in PR.

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