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Ecological cosmetics: Choose beauty products while respecting environment

We are more than ever aware that our daily use of beauty products can have a direct impact on the environment. We have to pay attention to the list of ingredients, but also to the fabrication of products.

Here are some advices to buy ecological cosmetics, beauty products that do not harm our planet and that promote sustainability:

Avoid microbeads

microbeads-componentSome exfoliating products contain microbreads (small plastic balls). Such products must really be avoided because these small beads pass through the treatment of wastewater and end up in our water. You should check that the word “polyethylene” is not on the list of ingredients. However, these products will disappear completely by 2018-2019 under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Meanwhile, you can use ecological cosmetics like scrubs made with biodegradable ingredients. You can also opt for reusable products such as a exfoliation glove or a Clarisonic cleaning brush.

Find companies that recycle

lush: ecological cosmetics
Credit: Rachel in flight

Some companies have programs that encourage consumers to bring back their pots when they are empty. For example with Lush, when you return 5 black pots, you will receive a fresh mask for free. MAC encourages recycling with a similar initiative.

Opting for reusable containers

Produits en vrac Lemieux
Bulk products Lemieux

Using the same bottle eliminates the energy that is used to recycle. Some shops sell bulk products such as shampoo, conditioner and body soap. Personally,  I like Lemieux products, but there are several other stores of this kind in Montreal!

Compare plastic containers vs glass containers

LUSH pots
LUSH pots

Although glass is recyclable (infinitely!), it requires a high level of energy during the recycling process, production and transport: glass is much heavier and produces much more CO2 than plastic recycling. So don’t banned plastic packaging because in the end, it’s probably more ecological than glass.


Look at the labels

logosSome labels indicate that a product in question meets guidelines and is certified. For example with logos like EcoLogo, Ecocert, Fairtrade. However, be careful, because some words like organic or natural are sometimes used simply as marketing tactics!




The most important thing is to make informed choices, to learn how to keep our planet clean and to reduce our ecological footprint. Choose ecological cosmetics.

Source: Women’s Health Mag

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