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8 reasons to smile (right now!)

Smiling is more important than you realize. All the reasons are good! Here's 8.

More than just raising the corners of the mouth up …
Here are 10 reasons to smile now!
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It’s less demanding for your face

Do you know the expression: “We Ourselves Either make miserable or we make Ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same”. In fact, this is not entirely accurate since you use 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. So better to be thrifty!

It plays tricks to your brain

Smiling puts you in a good mood. The emotional experience would come from a physiological feedback of our movements, that is to say that the movement of joy produce joy. So the next time you feel a little depressed, force yourself to smile. There are great chances that your mindset changes simultaneously. In short: being happy makes you smile and smiling makes you happy!

It makes you sexy

Smiling makes you appealing. Smiling people exude a natural magnetism. A smiling person is always more attractive. A smile makes you look confident, it illuminates the face, it makes you accessible and makes you look younger and is a super good tool to flirt!

It helps you get the job

The stress experienced during a job interview often makes us forget to smile. Yet the human resources people will tell you; sometimes it’s the key element that will differentiate you from an other candidate. The smile immediately induces a favorable climate in the interview. Feel free to smile, even if you are a bit uncomfortable.

It’s good against stress

The smile has an anti-stress function with a release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, which causes physiological changes. The smile naturally releases these substances that provide well-being. When you are stressed, call a friend who makes you laugh; it’s like a natural drug that reduces stress.

It’s contagious

When someone smiles, the effect affects the other. Imagine that a person who smiles at another person can trigger a cascade of smiles that could have impact on more than 500 people in one day! Try this: the next time someone you know is sad or angry, smile at him until you get a smile in return. It works every time! ;)

It’s good for health

Smiling helps the immune system to work better. You no longer need medication, avoid the flu and colds by smiling. When you smile, there is also a significant reduction in blood pressure.

It helps you stay young

Smiling is like a natural facelift! The muscles used to smile vanish wrinkles and make younger. Smiling also influences the perception that people have of you. According to one study, emotions play a role in the estimation of age.

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