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5 tips to relax before going to bed

Have you ever gone to bed, but you were not able to sleep? Before opting for a drastic solution such as sleeping pills, try these little tips…

Being myself an ultra-stressed person, I often have difficulty falling asleep. Consequently I developed some tricks over the past few years which help me to relax. Here are my 5 best tips to relax:

1.Take care of yourself

Having a little routine to take care of yourself before going to bed is really important. Remove your make-up, clean your face with your favorite products, take a hot bath to relax, drink a herbal tea. Giving ourselves small moments alone and trying to think of the highlights of our day.

2.Turn off electronic devices

The blue light of the screens creates a deficiency of melatonine level and this is why it’s difficult to fall asleep afterwards. Take a little 15 minutes to read few pages of a book instead. If you really don’t like reading (or if you can’t stop watching your shows on Netflix), you can dowload an application like f.lux that will change the light of your electronic devices.

3.Write in a notebook all the things that you’re thinking

When we can’t fall asleep, it’s often because our min dis monopolized by a lot of thoughts and things that we must do in the next few days. Have a notebook next to your bed and write everything that you have in your mind before going to bed. You can also make a “to do list”. That will help to completely free your mind !


Doing relaxation techniques helps a lot to fall quickly asleep. You can simply take abdominal inspirations while trying to empty your mind as much as possible. I use applications such as Calm or Omvana to help me in me meditation.

5.Prepare your stuff for the next day to not think about it

Preparation is the key! Prepare during the evening what you need to do for the next morning.For example, make your lunch at the same time that you cook your dinner and prepare the clothes that you will wear on the next day.

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Crédit: Aris Sánchez CC-BY-2.0

In brief, the objective is to leave your hassle aside and it can be achieved through small gestures allowing relaxation and peace of mind!

Do you have other tips to relax before going to bed?

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