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5 restaurants to try out

What are the best restaurant in Montreal? That's the killer question ... There is SO good restaurants in the region! Food writers have their little darlings, but is it that these choices are unanimous? For apart from the card and an exceptional leader, several factors can influence course your appreciation of a restaurant ... The atmosphere, decor, service ... and of course the company! For my part, several factors influence me when it comes time to choose a new restaurant to try. Critics yes, but nothing better than someone who often tells us more directly. Here is my personal list of 5 restaurants I plan to try soon ...


EuropeaThis restaurant is among the best restaurants in the world, nothing less. No wonder then that I would try it … but especially after hearing my friend-fellow-foodie La dernière bouchée about his experience at Europea during MTL à table, I really set this restaurant a must on my list this year. In addition to having a reputation and an exceptional chef (Jérôme Ferrer), the menu is quite original in both the marriage of the foods in the presentation. The tasting menu signatures is calling me!
1227 de la montagne
Facebook page : Jérôme Ferrer page officielle
Twitter: @JFerrer_Europea


imadakeImadake is an izakaya (huh ?!), that is to say, a Japanese bistro where dishes are served one by one and shared. I had heard about it on the web, but a couple of foodies friends  have confirmed to me that it was a very good choice. The menu offers Japanese specialties such as grilled meats, salads, fried dishes, ramen noodle and desserts (green tea ice cream!) As for drinks: Japanese beers, sake and cocktails (the wines themselves are not Japanese) . I admit that I would love to try the Hello Kitty cocktail! In short, it seems a good place to gather with friends and “eat, drink, relax, share delicious food” as they say. ;)
4006 Sainte-Catherine West
Facebook: Imadake

Le Pandore

pandore-300x200I was lucky enough to discover this place at their opening event on June 16th. Wow as soon as the elevator’s door opened on the 5th floor, I found myself transported into another world … A festive atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties was floating in the scene. A light decor through the windows and the terrace access and dark on the other side with rich colors decor, red velvet banquettes, soft lighting and touches of gold. The Pandora is actually a concept involving both the attractions of a restaurant, a bar and a nightclub. Indeed, it proposes every Saturday at 20h an evening featuring various artists: singers, circus acrobats, instrumentalists etc. In short, my curiosity is tickled and I just have to go back to experience a full evening with friends!
2 rue Sainte-Catherine Est
Facebook: Pandore 

Van horne

Van horneThis time, it’s a co-worker who told me about it. She told me that every bite was so divine that she had to close her eyes. A comment like that has certainly piqued my foodie-curiosity. It serves fine contemporary creative cuisine as they say, all in an eclectic decor. A simple card: the menu is renewed seasonally.
1268, avenue Van Horne
Twitter: @vanhorneresto


FickleNot Pickle … Fickle! This restaurant is not located in Montreal in fact, but in Toronto. I have no idea if the food that is served here is good. Why do I want to go there? The decor is allucinant! The walls are lined with bright hearts all around and even up to the ceiling! This is my colleague blogger Chloe  from The Fashion Red Fox who, knowing my passion for all that is in the shape of heart, told me about it! It’s simple: I can not not go!
507 Yonge St.Toronto
Facebook: Fickletoronto

And you which of these restaurants do you try?