3 places to eat lobster roll in Montreal

Ah! Lobster roll! Some Montreal restaurants understood just what we need in a hot dog bread...

Here are 3 places to eat lobster roll in Montreal.

Dans tous les restaurants Subway

guédille subway
©Marie-Janelle – @maryjane1407 sur instagram

Yes, it’s almost too simple to think about it! During summer, all the Subway restaurants offer lobster subs. It is prepared with pieces of Atlantic Canadian lobster. In order not to hide the taste, I advise you to add a dash of mayonnaise, lettuce and/or cucumber and choose the Italian bread. Available until September!

Crémy Pâtisserie

guédille crevettes
©Marie-Janelle – @maryjane1407 sur instagram

Ok, this one is no lobster… it’s a shrimp roll! When I tried brunch at Crémy Pâtisserie, this truly was my favorite! The cool mixture of ingredients shrimps, fennel and apple with consisting milk bread; delicious!
Address: 2202 Mont-Royal E, Montreal

At Lucille’s


You’re feeling seafood? Lucille ‘s Oyster Dive offers oysters and traditional seafood dishes since 2009. Their guedille lobster is a must and why not their Surf and Turf Lucille’s including lobster roll, ribs and fries! But that’s not all! You may be lucky enough to stumble on their foodtruck in the streets of Montreal… We bet you can not resist !
Address: 5626 Monkland avenue

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