Thyme Maternity essential and comfortable pregnancy clothing for this fall

Hello! It's me Catherine, and I am glad to talk maternity clothes for my first column here. Being pregnant for 21 weeks now, we can say that the timing is just perfect. I LOVE FALL.

Have you seen the new collection of Thyme Maternity Fall 2014? For a girl like me, that focuses primarily on comfort when it’s time to dress up, we can say they hit the mark!


jeansWho says comfort also said denim. And I am fortunate to be able to wear jeans every day at the office. I’m going to spoil myself, because you can now purchase jeans from three major brands for pregnant women: Parasuco, Angels Makers. I must say I’m glad to find a larger selection of cuts, I’m pretty difficult when I choose my jeans.


Who says you can not dress with style while having a belly at the same time? I literally fell in love with these three sweaters that are worn with jeans as well as leggings, or even a “business casual” pair of pants. With cold weather coming up, they are perfect for a casual-chic, perfect for any occasion.

The sale section at Thyme Maternity

Also, we do not forget to regularly check the sale section directly on the Thyme Maternity website. I go there especially to get myself their famous t-shirts that are very practical, definitely worth it! The section is renewed regularly, and you can make considerable savings. As I said earlier, it’s really worth it for t-shirts, but we also find pants or leggings, pajamas, yoga pants or other accessories at discounted prices.

#Bumpfie contest to win big

Selfies enthusiasts, this contest is for you. By sharing your #Bumpfie look on social networks, you could win a gift card of $ 100. In any case I’ll participate!

Anyway, I really want to go shopping NOW.
I want to know: what are your essential for being comfortable when you are pregnant?

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