The Stork: help for baby conception

Life brings a lot of challenges. Among those, there are some we unfortunately can not control. The problem of infertility is an example. Fortunately, with today's wonderful technology, there are ways to counter these difficulties.

Unfortunately, infertility is a problem that affects almost 17% of Canadians. However, there are today several ways to overcome this problem for a majority of these people. However, this can be costly and difficult for the relation. Before starting medical approaches that can be costly, it is possible to try a new method to help infertility called the Stork. 

Stork is a method of conception at home compared to the majority of the other methods, which is great. The appoitments with the specialists can indeed become difficult for the couple and harmful for their intimacy and spontaneity in bed. It’s a question ” of an innovative technique in the insemination by cervical cape, a well established method used by the professionals of the health. The Stork offers an intermediate solution between sexual relations without artificial intervention and treatments assisted in private hospital, such as the intra-uterine insemination ( IIU), the in vitro fertilization ( FIV) or the clomifène. “

Bonus : You can buy it in your local drugstore without any prescription plus it’s cheap. Consequently, it makes life easier for people that have a hard time having an appointment at the doctor or if they don’t necessarily have the money to afford other methods.

In 2014, because of the progress of science, everything is possible. You just got to believe in it.

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The Stork

Detailled description :

The Stork collects the sperm in a cervical cape, which is placed at the bottom of a girdle similar to a male condom. The applicator transports the cervical cape containing the sperm towards the neck of the womb. The cervical cape is left near the hanging neck of the womb 4 at 6 am, then removed by pulling it out with the cordon like a tampon. It maintains sperm cells as well near the neck of the womb as possible to allow them to swim towards the ovum. The woman can pursue her daily activities by leaving the cervical cape in position. It is recommended to use the Stork just before or during the ovulation.


Where can you get it?

Drugstores like Jean Coutu®, Uniprix® and Brunet®

Sucess rate :

10 up to 20%

Who’s concerned?

Couples having difficulties to conceive because of one of the following reasons :

–          Insufficient number of sperm cells

–          Weak motility*** of the sperm cells

–          Unfavorable vaginal environment

–          An irregular ovulation

–          An unexplained infertility