The New H&M Beauty Line

H&M Stores are a must for me, either it is to find everyday clothes, colourful accessories, shoes or even something a little more formal. If you also feel the same way, you will be delighted to hear that H&M just released last week their very new Beauty line.

The Beauty Department

H&M1A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure and the chance to be present for the launching of H&M newest line, at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre. It is with fresh orange juice, lots of smiles and excitement that the team welcomed us in their renovated store, just before regular hours. The Beauty department really surprised me for its considerable size, the quantity of products offered and the great selection of colours. You will find a wall for nail polishes and nail care accessories; lipgloss and lip colour; different cosmetics and products for the eye, lashes and eyebrows. And it doesn’t stop here! You can also find hair and skin care products as well as other beauty accessories. I could give you a more complete list of everything H&M holds in its Beauty Line, but it would really be too long!

The Products

H&M5As part of the event, some of us had the chance to enjoy a make-up session by profes-sionals on site. I preferred bringing some products home to try in the comfort of my apartment. Choosing was not easy! To many great and fun options, but the staff was very helpful. One thing I absolutely love in life is body lotion. I just love the way they smell and how they leave my skin soft. So, I needed to try one of H&M lotion. Because my skin has a tendency to get dry, I stopped my choice on a product specially made for dry skin: Revelation Body Oil. It is an oil and not a lotion, but I just love it! It is absorbed pretty fast and does not leave my skin oily.

While discovering the new beauty department, I had an instant crush for a nail polish, which color and name reminded me of fall and its cozy feeling: Trench Coat. There was an amazing selection of colours, but I particularly like the beige/neutral tones at this time of the year.

Another product I had to absolutely try is a face mask. You can choose from at least 10 formulas, with different effects. Personally, after a busy summer working flights between Canada and Europe in a very dry environment (the plane), my face needed a fresh and moisturizing treatment. I was then recommended to pick the Mineral mask with minerals from the dead sea. Meant to “awaken” my skin, It also felt just like at the spa, with a fresh feel and smell. I will defi-nitely come back to try another one!

I will let you discover the H&M Beauty Department by yourself and I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I did, for its large selection of products… and its prices! This fall, H&M will launch their Beauty Line in 900 of their stores around the world.