The little black dress

Recently I visited the shop "The little black dress" in Montreal to find a casual-chic-outfit-not-too-expensive for an event to be covered at the end of April. My solution was simple: « The little black dress »! Obviously you've heard of this famous concept dress rental? Hard to miss because after their official launch, which took place on February 25, we talked over various media including the Salut Bonjour with Jean Airoldi, on the blog of the magazine Clin d’oeil by Sophie Durocher and others fashions blogs!

What is the concept?

For the Applicant

You have a dress that is forgotten in your wardrobe but you are able to get rid? The little black dress help it to reborn! Send an email with pictures of your items, communicate with them and make an appointment. An amount equivalent to 30% of the rental value will be paid. Likewise, you have the option to receive 50% of the rental value if you use it as a credit to the store.
You can take back your dresses when you want and with a guarantee that the dress will be in the same condition as when you have entrusted to them. An application form includes a detailed contract to protect your property. The little black dress is forearmed insurance in case of inconvenience. Likewise, they also offer the opportunity to buy the dress that you have rented. An auction system will be offered to tenants who wish to acquire the borrowed dress. The owner of the requested dress will have complete freedom to accept or reject offers that will be proposed.

For the landlord

You need a dress or outfit and you do not want to shell out a staggering sum for a room that you only use once? Want to go to a shop where you will find a large inventory of styles like cocktail dress, the long dress, casual dress or Jumpuit? The little black dress has everything to make you happy for a small price!

Everything about the Little Black Dress

Who’s The Little Black Dress?

These are Vanessa Lajeunesse, an elementary school teacher and Melody D’Amour, young lady in field of restaurant, who founded this ecological enterprise. Two great friends since ten years, and consuming passion for fashion:

“As it is difficult nowadays to always follow the fashion trends, buying new items respecting our budgets and as we’re both reference fashion for our girlfriends and they were having a heart joy in our wardrobes at events, we have done research and then found that there was a very popular concept in Europe, but unknown in North America, so we thought why not, then just one word : Wow! »

How did they start?

Vanessa and Melody has started with their own inventory wardrobe, which represented 200 dresses, and they used social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Kijiji) and the word of mouth to promote their concept! Results? Today the shop has more than 400 dresses and outfit (skirt / Crop top and jumpsuite) of all kinds. Offering several sizes, starting from XXS to Large and the prices range is $ 20 to $ 150, a real bargain !! There are several brands such as Herve Leger, BCBG, D & G, Travis Taddeo, Denis Gagnon, Marc Jacobs, Olivia and France, ACME, Alexander MC Queen, Diane Von Furstenberg and many more … In addition to rent dresses, you can rent accessories (jewelry, handbags, and shoes)!

Another good news is that they also have a business partner who has his own clothing line which is called Quynh. Everything is new and The little black dress rents and sells the designer’clothing.

The sequence of ideas!

Eventually, given the demand and the success of the concept, Vanessa and Melody think maybe expand the inventory including ready-to-wear, but not now due to lack of space in the room where they are now.

At the end of my interview with Vanessa, I asked her : « Several weeks after opening, would you say that you lack to fill a need for the customer? « Indeed, we are asking women to gather more choices of large sizes like Large, X-Large and XX-Large and we want to increase our inventory of long dress.” So, dear readers, manifest you if you can meet their needs. It will be win-win!

I recommend it!

Finally, congratulations to Vanessa, who realizes her childhood dream of having her own shop and Melody who are two different entrepreneurs and highly complementary to both which allow them to have their forces in different places, in addition to being both honest and have integrity. I really loved my experience and I have nothing to say except positives comments to this concept. Besides to a peerless service, i found MY OUTFIT! As I went in evening, Vanessa who welcomed me and she’s an awesome girl and a contagious energy ball! When you enter, we already feel #Bff with her and we seem to shop in the closet of our best friend! I highly recommend The little black dress and I wish them a long life! Good job girls!


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