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Summer beauty products – 7 musts

It is very likely that your beauty routine changes completely while between winter and summer. Your skin has different needs and especially some cosmetics are just perfect for summer!

Here are 10 summer beauty products must-haves!

Youth activating gel with collagen by Karine Joncas

gel activateur de jeunesse Karine JoncasWhen it is hot, we don’t really feel like putting on a very rich face cream… This translucent gel is fresh and can be used day or night. It is advised to use it before your moisturizer, but during summer, I like to use it alone. Its formula with collagen prevents wrinkles and lack of firmness, but also helps against dullness, redness and dehydration. It can also be used in intensive care as a mask by applying a thick layer for 5 to 10 minutes!

Avene thermale spring water

AvenePerfect for extreme heat wave, Avene thermal water spray allows you to cool off. But this is more than just water; it also helps moisturize and soothe the skin. It is bacteriologically pure and has soothing properties that have been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. Hint : it helps calm the skin heats after a sunburn or mosquito bites itch!

Anthelios solar protection mist by Laroche-Posay

Laroche Posay antheliosIt’s summer, so obviously you need a sunscreen… There are a lot of choices in that area, but Laroche Posay really combines the best all in one product. The Anthelios products protect sensitive skin by providing advanced protection against UVA and UVB, hypoallergenic formula, fragrance free, non-comedogenic and tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control. The latest formula is a mist perfect for those who do not like to put heavy cream on; an ultra-light, invisible mist with very good protection, super quick and easy to apply! That’s what I said : the best in one product.

Fresh cleaning gel – Pureté thermal by Vichy

Vichy Pureté thermaleThis product has such a fresh look, it’s refreshing just to watch it! I much prefer gels in summer season because they really deep cleanse all impurities such as particles pollution, dust and excess sebum. I love this Vichy gel for its invigorating and fruity fragrance gel texture that transforms into foam when you add water. It really gives a feeling of freshness and cleans without leaving a feeling of tightness.

Refreshing Pore-Tightening Cottons by Fruits et Passion

Cotton_Rafraichissant_Fruits et PassionThe heat tends to dilate the pores and oily or combination skin and can be more prone to the appearance of blackheads. Here’s a quick and effective solution! The 50 cottons pack of Fruits & Passion tighten facial pores while providing a pleasant sensation of immediate freshness. Simply apply it to the areas where the pores are dilated for a few seconds, avoiding the mouth and eyes. You can also leave cottons in the refrigerator prior to application, for optimum results and an ultra-cool feeling!

Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets

feuillets absorbants clean and clearYou must always have some in your handbag, in case of shiny skin when it is hot! The anti-sebum absorbent sheets instantly remove excess oil from the face, but without damaging make-up or leaving powder which may clog pores. These sheets are easy to use around the nose, chin and forehead. Use them anywhere, anytime, to matte your skin.

Oligo thermal sparkle after-sun cream by Biotherm

biotherm apres soleilMy favorite and indispensable after-sun! I can not live without it! First it is a very effective and soothing moisturizing, then it smells so good with its citrus scent, and finally it leaves a really beautiful shimmering veil on tanned skin!

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