Reading challenge: a book written by a comedian

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Whether you are in a relationship right now or single, we all, at one point in our life, experienced dating. The way we date, find our partner, define love and marriage has changed so much over the years. The introduction of internet, text messages and social media definitely changed the game of dating drastically. The famous comedian Aziz Ansari decided to investigate about this reality, about romance in our modern time.

A book written by a comedian

image3So my book written by a comedian; Modern Romance, is actually a serious book, with a lot of research, focus groups and hard work behind it. With a great team of sociologists, anthropologists, journalists and psychologists that dedicated they work to this topic, Aziz reveals the conclusions of his research. Maybe you would think there is not that much we can learn about something we already are living ourselves, but there is actually some very interesting facts and things to talk about when it comes to dating. For example, Aziz brings up that we all pretty much go through the same stress when it is matter of texting (Should I write to him..? What should I say…?), but we also discover other’s reality. For the benefit of his book, Aziz travelled to Tokyo and Buenos Aires to learn about their way of dating. To me, that was the most interesting part of the whole book! You will also learn how our grandparents and our parents were meeting their life partner and what was their vision of love at the time. You will read about online dating, sexting, the problem of having too many options and how we make our choices. All of it based on very serious studies and people’s experiences.

Overall, I enjoyed Modern Romance and if you are curious about the topic, you will too. If you find Aziz Ansari funny, you might even laugh through his jokes. It is an easy read and very accessible.

Because, let’s be honest, we all look for love. This book might change the way you see yourself when you do.

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