Joe Fresh- Beauty has arrived

Last Wednesday, I was invited to Joe Fresh’s very new beauty line launching event. Since I am already familiar with Joe Fresh clothing, I was pretty curious to know what kind of products they would be offering.

The event

IMG_3111Joe Fresh received us in a orange and white venue. A pure, colorful and modern decor, just like we know Joe Fresh. Finger food were passed around, as well as delicious and fun cocktails. In the middle of the room were displayed some of the key products of their new line. Lipsticks in different shades of pink, foundation sticks and cremes, eyeliners and mascaras. The staff was very helpful and exited to show us the vibrant colors and quality of their cosmetics. Like any good beauty event, professional makeup artists were available for touch up, which I highly enjoyed myself!

Joe Fresh Beauty Line

I was not expecting the line to be something out of this world, but it was exactly what I like about Joe Fresh: feminine, natural and accessible. The colors are sexy but yet, subtle. I was surprise by the long lasting of the foundation and lipstick. What is even better about all this? The price range of the products is all under 18$. Joe Fresh wanted innovative formulas that were to make beauty easy and affordable. Starting up with more than 150 new cosmetics products, the line will be available exclusively in Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across Canada. You will be able to find your beauty essentials for the face, cheeks, eyes and lips in a store near you!

My Beauty Crush

I was very exited to try the cosmetics, since the colors and style are very much like my own. Here are some products that I particularly enjoy !

The Lip Creme – Candy 12$

JoeFreshLipCremeinCandyA hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss, which for me, is perfect! Not too glossy but the “in between” I usually look for. I was surprise how long it lasted on my lips without drying them. This lipstick
is also paraben free (paraben being a preservative sometimes present in cosmetics).

Illuminating Primer – Champagne 16$

JoeFreshIlluminatingPrimerinChampagneI do not use a primer usually but I just loved the way it felt on my skin and the subtlety of it. This product gives you a natural glowing skin, which can be essential during winter. I used it on my face before applying a light amount of foundation, but Joe Fresh also recommend on top of your body lotion. Hides imperfections and provides a long-lasting makeup.

Hydra Lash Nourishing Mascara with Argan oil

lago058703369399_TB_C_ZI don’t know about you, but I LOVE everything that contains Argan Oil. I think it just feels so good and it makes me happy, as simple as that. I was skeptical about using this mascara, because I have been using the same one for so long and it does a very good job. When the road to find the perfect mascara has been hard, you do not tend to change easily. But the Hydra Lash Mascara is awesome. First of all, it does not clump your lashes together. The brush is very efficient and actually extend your lashes and separate them naturally. I also feel that the argan oil penetrates my lashes deeply… or maybe it is just me ;) Still loved it! This products is also Paraben-free.

About Joe Fresh

Essential Style. Exceptional Value. Founded in 2006, Joe Fresh offers accessible, modern design in lifestyle collections for women, men and children. Today one of Canada’s leading fashion retailers, Joe Fresh brings a contemporary point of view to everyday wardrobe favorites full of color, polish and thoughtful details. In categories spanning apparel, accessories, footwear and beauty, Joe Fresh provides quality and style for the entire family. In Canada, Joe Fresh products are available online and in more than 350 retail locations. In the United States, Joe Fresh is available online and in freestanding stores in New York. Since 2014, Joe Fresh has opened stores in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Mexico with local partners.


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