H&M X Balmain – launch of the collection in Montreal

The launch of the exclusive limited edition collection H&M X Balmain took place around the world this November 5th , 2015. In Montreal, the VIP pre-launch was in the H&M store on Ste- Catherine street on Novembre 4th.

H&M announced for a while now that famous collaboration. It is not the first time that the brand does this kind of initiative that always is a great success! For those less familiar, Balmain is a Parisian haute couture house since 1914. This collection is then an opportunity for many to get their hands on a designer piece of clothing at an affordable price! Let’s see just what offers collection H&M X Balmain:

H&M X Balmain collection











Pré-launch of the H&M X Balmain collection in Montreal

Through the collection, I selected 7 pieces of clothing in advance , just to be well prepared to the express exclusive shopping spree.

My favorites

So I went to H&M downtown Montreal on Ste-Catherine street for the pre-launch of the collection, hoping to get my hands on a few of my favorites.

Here is how the pre-launch happened:
The doors opened at 7h pm, but some people were there since 4h pm to be first in line. They gave us bracelets and assigned us a specific shopping time on a priority arrival. I was disappointed to learn that some clothes of the collection have not even touched ground in Montreal; like the two spectacular dresses.

In due course, a dozen people at a time could enter the space where the collection Balmain was displayed and they had 10 minutes to shop, while the others were watching all those clothes go awat… Let me tell you that it was madness!

The first groups ”robbed” the inventory, so when it was my turn, there was hardly a single among my favorites seleciton fitting my size. :( And yes! It’s THAT crazy! … Luckily my friend Magdalena who had arrived well ahead was willing to sacrifice a one piece of clothing she grabbed… So I was able to get myself a little piece of Balmain. ;)
H&M X Balmain MJ

H&M had evidently kept an inventory for the general public (the braves who waited in line all night to arrive first in the store!) Anyway, I think that everything will be sold out by the first day… So your only option will be to buy from dealers on Ebay… And Montreal is not an isolated case! The collection was distributed throughout the H&M stores worldwide and the most zealous places have lined up for up to a week! … To see the craze spread on social medias, follow the hashtag #HMBALMAINATION. Now we wait for the next H&M’s association with a designer. ;)

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