Dermalogica concept space in Montreal

I had the chance to discover products and Dermalogica care. A company that promotes healthy skin. All products undergo searches on the part The International Dermal Institute.

To get started, give – you a visit to the Dermalogica centre located 132 McGill Street, Montreal, taking an appointment at (514) 871-3003 to make analysis of your skin Face Mapping by one of the professionals working there. Subsequently, you will know what range will respond to the specific needs of your skin.

Range skin healthy daily to maintain healthy skin, UltraCalming, for sensitive skin, MediBac Cleaning, for adults whose acne persists, ChromaxWhite TRx, pigment imbalance at the cellular level, AGE Smart, to stimulate collagen production while increasing the elasticity of the skin, Clear Start for beginners, short everything is to satisfy you! In addition, a line for your shave and your self…

In addition, a line for your shave and your body care is provided. You will discover cleaners, and scrubs, masks, and tonics, sera, moisturizers, sophisticated moisturizers that provide optimum protection, care for the eyes, targeted treatments, lip care, daily care that will fill your requests.

Quick care are available, lasting 20 minutes, why do without when it is so easy, I know that your life is certainly too charged, but even on your lunch hour you receive your care… A wide range of care are available, ranging from a period of 20 minutes to 60 minutes and according to your skin’s needs.

Looking for what to give for Christmas, it is still time to give a gift certificate to the person of your choice. I also have a favorite and much respect for the enterprise that has a Foundation, Dermalogica joinFite which supports women in entrepreneurship around the world by providing loans, educational and professional training to support the efforts of women entrepreneurs from around the world, just a beautiful word! Dermalogica new place to visit and adopt!

Dermalogica 2

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