Chrome magazine: a new Canadian magazine

This fall season, a new Canadian magazine for men was launched: Chrome.

It is one of the few magazine dedicated for the modern man and its lifestyle, with Canadian content. I particularly insist on this last point, since it is even more representative of our people, our great nightlife and our favorite shopping spots within Canada. Chrome magazine, a gentleman’s guide to the good life.

With David Beckham on its very first cover, Chrome sets the tone. One of the magazine’s goal is to evoke passion in a man’s life, to find guidance to let him follow his dreams and becoming a better man in every way. But, who is this modern man Chrome addresses itself to? Abbis Mahmoud, the editor, describes him as “a man who prides himself on being a gentleman who walks tall, who dresses the part and grooms like one. A worldly cultured man who is strong, confident, full of honour and pride. A man who works hard and plays harder.”

What will we find in Chrome Magazine? Inspiring people and their journey, fashion trends and beauty, new and fun gadgets, useful apps, great books to inspire or entertain, spirits & wine suggestions, travel ideas and much more. As an example, in this fall’s edition, you can read about the comedienne Nicole Arbour’s philosophy on life, discover some great spots across canada for cocktail and whiskey aficionados. You’ll also find the ultimate bucket list for the modern man.

A great magazine to learn, discover, to be inspired and to be on top of the game in this crazy and fun world.


Chrome Magazine


5.99 CND

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