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7 ways to be more optimistic

I’ve always idealized spring time. I love to imagine it as a period where the trees are blooming and where things change to welcome new beginnings. In reality, spring time includes the end of the semester, hay fever, and rain and loooots of rain that makes you wonder when was the last time you saw the sun.

The psychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez, teacher at Columbia University and founder of the Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services has recently done a study and put together various ways to be more optimistic about spring time.

Here’s 7 ways to be more optimistic

1. Focus on the good

The way we perceive things influence our actions a lot. Try most of the time to focus on the good sides of things. Believe me, it’s magic!

be more optimistic

2. Plan things to do

Good weather isn’t visiting us quite often these days. I know that it’s tempting to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day, but to plan something is really helpful!  You don’t have to go skydiving, you can just plan on cooking something, reading a book or going bowling (no shame!). The most important thing is that it makes you happy.

be more optimistic

3. Control what you can

We tend to want to control everything and it is normal! However, according to the psychologist Hafeez, it is a trap. It increases anxiety and makes you want to control everything even harder.

be more optimistic

4. Limit your news watching

Medias have the reputation to share more bad news than good ones. We are constantly bombarded by informations, whether by being on Facebook, watching the news on television, but also by listening to the radio while driving. What you choose to watch, systematically impacts your mood.

be more optimistic

5. Don’t snooze

I know it is hard to not snooze, but believe me, it makes all the difference! The trick is to take a few minutes to relax after the alarm went off. Long breaths will be your best friend.

be more optimistic

6. Distract yourself with something that requires focus

This way represents the idea of doing an activity that makes you feel good, every day. The psychologist says that when we are devoted to something, it is impossible to ruminate.

be more optimistic

7. Make feeling good your top priority

Think about yourself! Having positive thoughts automatically makes you more optimistic. You feel much stronger and you feel like you can fight anything.

be more optimistic










I hope that these 7 ways helped you to be more optimistic and put a few colours among the grey times

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