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5 lighting trends to brighten your world

Lighting has different aspects: yes of course it brightens your space, but it also sets the atmosphere in a room and adds to its decoration. Lighting, in all shapes, forms and sizes, is crucially important in the outcome of your decor. Not only must your fixtures serve well their purpose by illuminating your home, you also want them to look good, even when they're not turned on!

Before you head to the lighting store, you should consider a few factors like the color of the room, the available natural light, the functionality of the fixture, the size of the space you’re lighting and the activities that are done in it.

As you choose which lighting options will work best for your home, you might consider some of the latest fads in lighting. Here are five lighting trends.

Warm Metals

lighting store warm metalLooks like we were so obsessed with stainless and silver over the last decade that we almost forgot them… Warm metals are back in style; elegant, modern, refined and glamour. Gold, brass, copper, and even rose gold have been a huge trend in home decor lately, and it transpires in lighting as well. You’ll see them in pendants, sconces, chandeliers and lamps. The light reflecting off this type of surface gives the room a soft, golden glow and a warm atmosphere.


Pendant Lights

lighting store pendant 0Pendant lighting can be contemporary, industrial or more traditional. This type of fixture is available in various silhouettes: bowl, drum, flute, bell etc. Pendants can be used alone above a nightstand or a desk or in a series of several fixtures for a nice multi-light piece. You can also use several pendants hung at different heights to create your own kind of chandelier.


Geometric light fixtures

lighting store geometric lights Bold geometric patterns and shapes are trending in every facet of interior design. The light fixtures come in squares, rectangles, hexagons and circles and are a popular look in both traditional and contemporary homes. You can go for a big geometric light that stands out as a center piece of the room or something more subtle like a square lampshade or sphere pendant light.


Minimalist Lighting Fixtures

lighting trends - minimalist lighting Keep your room spacious and clutter free with a minimalist lighting approach. These simple bare-bones fixtures with exposed light bulbs bring a modern or industrial look to any room. Minimalist lighting creates very Scandinavian, stylish and cool , modern interiors. After all, sometimes less is more…


Blown Glass

lighting trends blown glassThis trend actually never really went out of style. Blown glass globes refract light and give an artistic, craftsman feel to your decor. This material is very versatile when it comes to lighting. It can be used to create different pendant light shapes as well as blown glass bubbles to piece together a chandelier style masterpiece. It can also be crystal clear as well as tinted with color. Blown glass suits easily a modern or industrial decor as well as a traditional or even antique one.


Lighting provides a great opportunity to add character and incorporate style statements into your home. Find the trend that best fits you and your home and get inspired!

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