10 Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

It's not a secret, I like to enjoy one drink once in a while. Well ok, it's more than that and most of the time, it's more than just one drink...

I know that alcohol is not good for my body because it always lets me know the day after that I had a little too much the day before. Although, there is some mysterious effets on the body which american Doctor Christopher Calapai exposed. Here are 10 effects of alcohol that may change your habits.

10 effects of alcohol on your body

Effect of alcohol #1 – Hair loss

When you drink too much alcohol quite often, it can lead you into loosing hair just like stress does. You could even loose big patches of hair. I don’t know about you, but it’s not exactly the look I’m going for.


Effect of alcohol #2 – Voice change

Suprisingly, drinking can cause voice change or even a voice extinction! This is explained by the fact that alcohol dehydrate your throat so sounds are more difficult to make.


Effect of alcohol #3 – Sickness last longer

Alcohol help bacterias to develop more easily in the body, so if you cut or scratch yourself by accident, it will take longer for it to heal. Same thing for bruises, alcohol make them harder to heal.


Effect of alcohol #4 – More intense cold

We all hate to have a cold, that’s a fact. When you drink alcohol, the risk of worsening your cold is way higher because there’s less nutrients in the body. So before catching something worse than a cold, I will personally drink less.


Effect of alcohol #5 – Higher need of sleep

Another effect of alcohol on the body is that it messes with your sleep schedule. That means that someone who drinks a lot may have a hard time getting to bed and may be a lot more tired. Also, heavy drinkers tend to have less motivation and concentration.


Effect of alcohol #6 – More acne

Alcohol make skin more oily which makes it the perfect place to get pimples. Just between us, a face full of acne isn’t exactly the style we’re going for.

Effect of alcohol #7 – Chapped lips

Like I said before, alcoholic beverages dehydrate the body. So, it is safe to say that it makes your skin drier, especially your lips. Plus, direct contact with alcohol when you drink it makes your lips even more dry.

Effect de l’alcohol #8 – Poor vision

I also talked about how alcohol affects the quantity of nutrients we absorb. Well this also impacts your vision which can become blurred! Most of the time, it’s only for a short period of time, but it can be permanent!

Effect of alcohol #9 – Red face

Since alcohol increases blood circulation, it causes your face to become red mostly in the cheeks and the nose area. So, you could end up looking like an animated character…

Effect of alcohol #10 – Memory loss

For heavy drinkers, it is proven that alcohol messes with the brain, so we can observe short term memory loss, like what happened last week-end.

Are you going to drink less now?

Crédit photo : https://unsplash.com/search/drink?photo=gvm_Kmm3-9o