Bachelorette Party

3 themes for a bachelorette party

A bachelorette party to organize? Follow a theme is always a good idea to get a completely successful evening . Here are my suggestions ...

Here are my suggestions for a complete and original bachelorette party .

1- Bachelorette party with a Las Vegas theme

bachelorette party las vegasLet’s face immediately that the ultimate bachelorette party is leaving a weekend in Las Vegas with your girlfriends « The Hangover » style. To realize this, it takes A; the budget, B; availability of all participants for at least one weekend… Mmm, not obvious. A simple solution: organizing a party with the Las Vegas theme in Casino de Montréal! Who says Las Vegas says: performance, gambling and drinking. So you can find these 3 aspects under one roof :


bachelorette party spectacle casino
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Casino de Montréal offre offers a variety of shows in its cabaret.
Music, comedy, dance, there is something for everyone, so start by selecting a date with an interesting show for your group. The cabaret offers the dinner-show formula, which is absolutely perfect for immersing yourself in the mood “Vegas” from beginning to the end of the evening!


bachelorette party casino la zone
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There are obvious gambling tables. If you are gambling less serious,
can be very fun because it is a space with a festive atmosphere with entertainment, equipped with 80 interactive multigames stations. The advantage is that the minimum bet is lower than tables! Finally, if you want to have fun without taking yourself too seriously you can always try your luck at the slot machines. For a bit of an extra ” thrill “, you could contribute $10 each by example and let the bride bet everything on the roulette… “All on the red! ”


bachelorette party bar casino
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There are 4 bars in Casino de Montréal: the Poker, Roi de pique, Dame de coeur and Valet de carreau. Located in the center of the main area, steps from the gaming tables, the Poker bar stands out with its young and dynamic atmosphere and its modern decor with its multimedia display. The atmosphere quite up on Fridays and Saturdays and age of the clientele is quite varied. If you have a small late night hunger, you ‘ll find pizza, sandwiches, chicken wings etc.

Choose this option if…

1- You like to try something different
If you are girls who know how to have fun no matter where you are, you will find the perfect formula for you that evening; everything is at your disposal.
2- You plan to drink a lot.
If you plan to drink a lot at the dinner, the fact that all activities can be found under one roof, no one will need to drive from one place to another.
3- You plan on a never ending night
If you intend to finish the evening quite late… The casino is open 24 hours so there’s no limit!
4- The game is just a game
If ever someone you know has gambling problems among your group, it is better to find an other option.


2- Bachelorette party with a sexy theme

bachelorette party costume vagin
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If there is ever a time and a place to talk about sex, it’s a bachelorette party, right? We begin by dressing according to the theme: you can dress the bride with a sexy-trashy outfit like a mini skirt, high heels in latex and cuffs or, just to humiliate her a bit more (because hey, it is a bachelorette party!), finding a giant vagina costume… you are sure not to go unnoticed! Remember to add spice to the evening with embarrassing questions to the bride (or make her drink a shooter for each answer she refuses to give).

Sextoys demo

bachelorette party démonstration sexyYou probably know that kind of reception at home called “tupperware demonstration”. Several companies offer to arrange a home demonstration with sensual and erotic, sex toys and sexy and naughty lingerie. The service is usually free and without obligation.  Eros et Compagnie offers this.

Pole dance

bachelorette party pole danceIt’s now time to move your ass! Thestudio Milan Pole Dance Studio located in the Old Port of Montreal offers 90 minutes sessions for groups up to 15 people, including an introduction to pole dancing, photos, a video and a live performance of a pro pole dancer. This is a really fun activity to try and surprising too! Indeed novices can quickly learn several figures rather quickly. (Read my first try at pole dancing here)


bachelorette party danseur Yes! This is THE classic for a bachelorette party after all! Why not go with THE classic for this kind of entertainment in Montreal, ie the 281 of course.  Admission is $13 per person Friday and Saturday nights. It is not possible to make reservations even for the bachelorettes parties, so it is recommended to arrive at 8-9pm. Ultra package at $160 entitles you to a dance, a bottle of sparkling wine and turn up the bachelorette on stage during the show.

Choose this option if…

1- You are loud and bold
If you are a group of girls who are daring and you do not have cold feet.
2- Availabilities are complicated
The fact that this them has 3 parts, this may allow to accommodate several people who could not join you for the whole period but want to still participate and celebrate the soon-to-be bride. For example, if a pregnant girl in the group or a new mom, maybe she will participate only in the home demonstration, whereas if one of the girls work on Saturday, she will join your for the evening.
3- Bachelorette is not a shy person
If the bride is super open and not shy at all, it’s perfect. But remember that the purpose to highlight the life to come to the future bride is still that she remembers it all her life … for the right reasons. If she is the kind of reserved and that the sexy theme or too much attention from the strippers will make her uncomfortable, think of another theme.


3- Bachelorette party with a star theme

bachelorette party sex and the cityYou dream to be in the skin of a rich and famous person, at least for a night? This theme is for you. Dress to impress! Allow yourself to really overdress even if you’re heading somewhere you don’t really need to… (If you do not have that kind of dress, you can rent from Loue 1 Robe) You can even wear sunglasses at night and walk synchronized side by side… so Sex And The City!

Get the limo!

bachelorette party limousineYou want a vehicle to impress? Book a limo for the evening! Not only arrival will be noticed, but the limo ride is an experience in itself and it allows you to be all together and have fun during the trip. You will also be able to make several places if you want and no one will have to drive. The cost is about $150 per hour so plan everything carefully to make it worthwhile!


bachelorette party group shotFirst stop: the photo studio! You can enjoy it for a group session as well as individual photos of each girl. Do not forget to bring more clothing and accessories to play your modeling role thoroughly. Many photographers will welcome you into their studio for a glamorous photo shoot. Ask for references from people you know! If not, Magenta studios (several locations around Montreal) offers a 45 minutes session for $50 including 1 digital photo (you can purchase additional photos).


bachelorette party champagneWhat is more classy than to drink champagne ? La Champagnerie is a bubble bar of Montreal with one of the longest list of bubbly stuff of private imports for all tastes and all budgets. Champagne bottles can be slashed by customers on site! The place also offers an à la carte menu or a customized assortments bites. There is a live DJ on Friday and Saturday night.

Choose this option if…

You are real fashionistas
If you group of girlfriends love fashion in general, it is certain that they will be happy to finally find a pretext for dressing overdressed and feel like celebrities .
The bachelorette is high maintenance
If the future Mrs. is fancy and a bit of a princess, she will probably appreciate this theme.
You like the sound POP!
Indeed, it’s not every day you can hear it that often in one evening!

So, ready to celebrate? What theme would you choose for your own bachelorette party?

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